Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So When Did This Jets Game Become Huge?

This is why they play the games.

Seemingly, the Pats should be a lock in the AFC East every single year. How could you possibly bet against that? They've won the division every year since the re-alignment of the divisions. Now, all of a sudden, the Jets are two games back of the overall division race, and it got me to thinking. Is it possible that the freggin' Jets have a chance to win the division? (4-4, 2-1 in the division). They have no shot. Sorry to all the Jets fans, but your run of playoff contention died with the departure of John Abraham and the impending retirement of Curtis Martin (by the way, you're welcome a thousand times over for that little gift). I will say, Johnathan Vilma is one of the top 5-10 linebackers in the league. He led the league in tackles last year. Unfortunately, he cannot play D all by himself, which is why I don't see the Jets making anything close to a playoff push this year. NOT HAPPENING.

Speaking of that game, Rodney Harrison suffered a shoulder injury on Sunday's loss to the Colts and appears to be out "for a couple of weeks." This is an absolutely devastating blow. It's apparent that the main weak point on this team is the secondary. Now, our best player is out during a very important stretch which includes the upstart Packers at Lambeau and the Bears at the end up the month. There is no replacement for Harrison (do we still have Dom Davis?) which makes me look toward the draft and thinking the Pats need to start looking at their aging linebacking core and secondary and attempt to inject some youth into the lineup. I've been saying all along that Paul Pozlunzky, LB from Penn St., is the absolute perfect pick for this team. Last year, the Pats were hoping that Bobby Carpenter, LB from Ohio St. (yes just Ohio St., not the Ohio St., one of the most annoying nuances in sports history...what other Ohio St. is there?). Unfortunately, that jack-off in Dallas was ahead of us and snagged him. Oh well, we happened to end up with Laurence Maroney. I think we'll get over it. Anyway, Pozlunzky has a late first-round grade, so he will most likely be available right around where the Pats are drafting.

On a sadder note, thoughts and prayers go to Bryan Pata's family and friends. Unfortunately, because this has relation to the Miami football team, it will just bring about the atmosphere of that team, and how it's the "University of Criami" and what-not. It is a very unfortunate state of affairs. However, it's just another negative to the free-fall that is "the U," a once proud team that has become a firestorm of controversy in, not only the NCAA, all of sports in general. I think this all starts at the top. Their president is one of the most ignorant people I have ever seen with this much power. Bailing on the Big East and decides to go to the ACC for the $$$ was bad enough, but the "coup de gras" of her reign happened in the aftermath of the FIU brawl, where she said she "didn't have to review the tape because she was there." Seriously? You just knew everyone that was involved right on the spot? Just insane. Then, she applauds the one-game suspensions handed out to the thugs kicking and punching other players, meanwhile, three FIU players were kicked off the team, while others received indefinite suspensions. The change not only needs to be made with their coach (Maurice Clarett in the Fiesta Bowl and Willis McGahee getting his leg turned inside out in the same game was the beginning of the end for Coker...oh yeah, that and almost losing to Houston at home), also, a change needs to be made at the very top. Put someone competent in at president. One who will be able to have a better grasp on putting discipline on these players. I have never been a fan of Miami, but I just think it's kind of sad that a team who put out like six first-round picks a year now only gets publicity for tragic events like this one.

Heath Shuler is in Congress? Yikes. You have to wonder if there was a Mel Kiper-like guy at CNN just screaming "this is a terrible pick, what was North Carolina thinking?!" Isn't that great footage of Kiper and that Colts GM jawing at each other? Good stuff. God I love the NFL Draft (six and half months away, in case you were curious...oh yeah, Brady Quinn will bomb in the NFL, but I degress). Also, Lynn Swann ran for governor of Pennsylvania but lost...I don't really care about this, just wanted everyone to know I actually watched some election coverage on election day...actually that's a lie too because I didn't find this out until I watched ESPN this morning. Also, what's with the "I voted" stickers? Is that really necessary? Seriously, I don't care. Everyone in this country knows they can vote, they just choose not to. Why I'm not so sure, but we don't need to know you voted. In fact, look what voting does after the 2000 election. Is there anything more depressing than someone getting the popular vote and losing? That might leave an uneasiness in someone who was on the fence for voting. I agree people should absolutely vote, but if they don't want to, ya know, oh well? The ones who really care about the way this country is run are at the voting booths. Isn't that natural selection?

Ahh yes, fantasy sports. Something that takes a large precidence in my life, than say, you know, family, friends, school, that kind of stuff. Naw just kidding...a little. Anyway, I have been absolutely steam-rolling in fantasy football. Really two guys I have to thank for this, Larry Johnson, who was my #1 in both leagues (yeah LT, LT, whatever, at least I didn't pick Shaun Alexander) and Marques Colston, a free agent pickup in both my leagues. Johnson's impact was inevitable as long as he remained healthy (knocking on the biggest piece of wood of all time), he has just now begun to turn it on in the last few weeks. Colston, on the other hand, has surprised basically everyone, even his own team, into becoming the runaway favorite for Rookie of the Year. The 7th-round pick from Hofstra is either 1st or 2nd (depending on league scoring) for all of wide receivers. Couple that with the Ravens' D, Drew Brees, Alge Crumpler, and a slew of exceptional individual defenders (Peppers, Merriman (I said it), Archuleta, Hope), I have been rolling along, with 5 straight wins in Yahoo! after starting 0-4, and a 6-3 run in ESPN (T-2). I have turned my attention slightly to fantasy basketball now. I have to say, it's a totally different animal than football. To win, you really have to be on your s*it. I mean if anyone, literally anyone, has a good game, they are on someone's team the next day. And, you have to constantly shuffle your lineup for each day. Grueling. Anyway, what I'm regretting right now is not drafting Andrew Bynum, who went in the last round of my draft. He's putting up around 20 and 10 a night. Oh well, win some, lose significantly more. I'm still very happy with the way my team turned out, and with the recent acquisition of Earl Boykins (every team needs a guard under 5'8, real or fantasy), I think I'll be in good shape this year.

That's all for now. Just one more comment...right now, it's all about Rutgers. I mean I am around the biggest Rutgers bandwagon jumper. I fully admit that, as soon as they lose, I will stop caring for the most part, but I just am so enthralled by the fact that Rutgers, f'n Rutgers!, the former doormat of the Big East, could very well run the tables and finish in the top 5 going into a BCS bowl game (I don't even know how long it's been. For the sake of this argument...a while). They face their toughest task of the season, hosting #3 Louisville on Thursday. So go you University of New Jersey Scarlet Knights. I will be pulling for you hard tomorrow night for you to pull the upset, in whatever stadium you play your games at...Peace.


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