Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ok, I'm Going To Be Random...But I'm Gonna Make It Do What It Do Baby!

"For Boston, for Boston, we sing our proud refrain..."

Ok, again, I am fully aware that I need to update this way more than I have, but certain circumstances have arose (i.e. drinking escapades...again, if you are in my immediate family...I don't know, scroll down or go to another page, and just remember, that last statement never happened...also, thanks beautiful...I know that was a long way to go for a Nomar quote, but here's a guy who did it!...haha, it's all good) that have kept me quite busy. Anyway, I thought I would help you guys out who may have been going through Mell-o withdrawals (trying to raise the funds to get a center built for that...check back with me, I think this magazine subscription scam that Office Space featured is going to work). So, here are some random rantings of anything and everything I've been seeing/witnessing over the last couple of days.

Although the basketball has been tremendous, on paper, this is probably the most boring NCAA Tournament I have ever seen. Seriously, the Elite Eight has seven ones and twos, and the lone other team is a number three (quack quack). Basically, what this means is that people who actually know what they're talking about (maybe this guy...I don't know for sure though) and people who simply pick top seeds to win are getting the complete opposite sensation. If you picked all the top seeds this year, odds are you are near the top of whatever pool you are in, which is complete bull. I mean this is freggin' March Madness...I know I've said it before, but this isn't "madness." People who have no clue what they're talking about are making me look stupid, and that's just not right. But then again, is part of the "madness" being that someone who clearly has no clue what they are talking about can win a tournament pool? It's took me a long time to realize this, because truth be told, I like being right. And when I'm not (see "Reverse Cinderella" theory), it doesn't tend to sit well with me. However, with that being said, I think I am having more fun this year seeing people who don't have a clue do well than I think I ever had (partially because there is no money involved...actually, make that entirely because there is no money involved). It's interesting to me to see someone who puts little to no effort into filling their brackets out doing way better than me, who breaks down each game using a myriad of statistics and intutitive knowledge (I mean, with the knowledge thing...there's not much there, but still, there's something). Here I thought that high seeds would be in trouble because of how much talent is being spread around, but really, I should have realized that the top programs got all of that talent. Anyway, this is the first time seven ones and twos made the final eight, and I pray that this never happens again while I'm alive.

Top 10 College Fight Songs:
10. Georgia Tech- Rambling Wreck
9. Oklahoma- Boomer Sooner
8. Texas A&M- War Hymn
7. Michigan- Hail To The Victors
6. Boston College- For Boston (ok, I'm a homer...whatever, you got the disclaimer)
5. Ohio St.- Buckeye Battle Cry
4. Penn St.- Touchdown, Fight On
3. Southern Cal- Fight On
2. The Real USC- Step To The Rear
1. Notre Dame- Victory March

An idea was posed to me the other day before a basketball game I was refereeing, and I figured I would share it with you because I think it was genius. For All-Star Saturday, replace the "three ball" event with a game of Horse. I realize this would be cutting out the WNBA (how they are a league I don't even know) and old, out-of-shape vets, but I feel that this could be a necessary cutback. If you are able to get guys like LeBron, Kobe, and D-Wade playing a game of Horse against each other (dunks included), that would be riveting television. And after watching the NCAA this year (literally during the UNC/USC game, I was yelling "damn it Tim Floyd, go back to the Bulls!"...yeah the NBA is definitely playing second fiddle right now), I think the NBA should do anything to attempt to keep its fans somewhat interested.

I am all for the Celtics losing right now, considering that they are nowhere close to making the playoffs, and that there is a potential of two franchise-changing guys that could go 1-2 in this year's draft, but I mean, come on Doc, the game against Charlotte was completely ridiculous. I mean I know that he's fairly certain that he will get fired after this year (by the way, I actually liked the idea of the Celts picking a guy who was a former player as a coach...I mean if you look in the past with K.C., Chris Ford (I know that's a stretch), Bill Russell, Tommy Heinsohn (you call that a foul!), Don Nelson, and Dave Cowens...pretty good track record there), but I mean...Doc, what are you doing kid? I mean starting the B-team in crunch time during a winnable game is appauling. I was embarassed to be associated with that team at that moment when I was watching the highlights. Again, I know that I'm "rooting against them," but it's really out of fun, and also, I can't help but look toward the future of the team. I mean deep down, I really do want them to win. I mean it is just impossible for me to be 100% against this team. I mean this is the team I grew up on, and I would give anything to remember the days of the Garden, because from what I can recall, only Fenway can rival the Garden as far as atmosphere. I mean when you were in the Garden, you felt like everyone knew exactly what they were talking about. Everyone was seemingly a hardcore fan. You still had the best frontcourt in the history of the game, and then you had Reggie Lewis, one of the brighest up-and-comers in the league, and a hometown product (went to Northeastern). So for me, a guy who has grown up watching the Celtics as much as I could, I am embarassed at the direction this team is going in. First of all, they have to get rid of Doc. I mean he clearly just doesn't know what to do. Although he had some success in Orlando, it seems that those years were something of a fluke, and now, when faced with adversity, he simply hasn't lived up to the expectations Celtic fans judge a coach by. Maybe because we have been spoiled in the past, but in any case, it's still the Boston Celtics, the owners of 16 NBA titles. There are still people out there like me that believe that the Celtics will be able to right the ship at some point, but it is taking every ounce of patience I have to wait this one out. Hopefully, the Draft will be kind to us, and maybe, just maybe, we will return to the promised land someday.

Finally we are going to see what Matt Schaub is made of. Earlier this week, Schaub was traded by Atlanta to Houston for a switch in first round picks, a second rounder this year, and a second rounder next year. If Schaub will be able to live up to half of his potential, this will be a great deal for Houston. Unfortunately, Houston's offense is still in a bit of a transitional phase, meaning that there is a very good chance Schaub will not be using the same weapons in each year (signed a six-year, $48 million contract). First of all, the Texans attempted to lock down their backfield by signing free agent Ahman Green from the Packers. Green was easily the most accomplished runner in the free agent market this year, but the problem with that is that there is a lot of wear on those tires, and you have to wonder how long Green can go in Houston. Their backfield is definitely aging, with Green and incumbent Ron Dayne. The receiving core was definitely bolstered last year with the addition of Eric Moulds, and when you have a perennial all-pro in Andre Johnson, there are definitely weapons for Schaub to go to. Also, TE Owen Daniels quietly had an outstanding rookie season. With all that said, it would seem as though the Texans will once again be focusing on defense in the upcoming Draft. After the stellar rookie campaign of DeMeco Ryans, and the non-sophmore slump of Dunta Robinson (you know where he's from), the Texans are definitely going to be a team to watch out for. It's funny because the AFC South has all of a sudden become the best division in football. I know, the NFC East is always going to be strong, but as of right now, as far as potential and talent, nobody beats the AFC South. You have the reigning Super Bowl champs (cringing), Jacksonville, who showed tons of promise last year, and had it not been a season-ending injury to stud linebacker Mike Peterson, may have been able to make the playoffs, Tennessee, who was rolling last year thanks to the play of Vince Young, and Houston, who seem to be heading in the right direction in the post-Charlie Casserly era.

The Sox officially put all the hoopla over the closer position by stciking to their guns and putting Jonathan Papelbon back into the role. Now I know that the Sox went out and got a ton of relievers to try and take over the role so Pap could join the rotation, but in the end, the Sox got the OK from Pap's doctors about his shoulder, and now, we have one of the top 5 closers in the league. Barring any other kind of setback, Papelbon could wind up as one of the most dominating closers to ever play the game. I know that is saying a lot, but if you think about it, the guy is 26 years old and has only played one year in the majors. The future is so incredibly bright right now for Pap, and you have to think that with this new change, all of a sudden, Craig Hansen becomes a very nice bargaining chip for anything in the future the Sox may want to negotiate. Although he would be a real good setup man, you have to think that the Scott Boras client would be further inclined to be a closer at the major league level, and with the Papelbon roadblock, it seems that Hansen is fresh out of luck in Boston. I earlier predicted that around July or August, Hansen would be on the fast track to getting the closer job once he was able to hone his abilities at Pawtucket for another couple of months. If Hansen will be willing to settle as a setup man, you are looking at potentially one of the most young and devastating bullpens in recent memory. Considering the Sox have not really parted with a lot of their young talent (except in the Josh Beckett trade, which was getting a 25 year old pitcher with "ace" potential). If they are able to keep this philosophy, and continue to bring guys like Papelbon, Hansen, Dustin Pedroia, and Manny Delcarmen through the major league ranks, the Sox will be looking real good for a long time.

If I think of anything else, you will be the first to know. Take care now. Peace.


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Army fight song should be #1: On brave old Army team. On to the frey. Fight on to victory; for that's the fearless Army way! The Army team's the pride and dream of every heart in grey. The Army line you'll ever find a terror in the frey..................