Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Letter From The Writer

"Get over it."

Apparently, some people on Sports Central figured they could basically say whatever they wanted to and try to make me out to be someone who goes out trying to desecrate another person's name and character. Also, I guess they wanted some kind of retraction or apology or something like that.

Guess what?...not happening.

If you honestly think that I am going to change my story, you're dreaming. The only mistake I made in the article was that Brennan replaced Leinart as a senior and not a sophomore. That was my bad. Brennan actually started JV his sophomore year. So for that, I will apologize. However, for an article that was meant to be a story of a kid who had turned his life around, people continued to focus on the negatives. Sorry if he did what he did, but that was part of the story. IT'S A PRO-COLT BRENNAN STORY!!! This is my push for him to be considered as a Heisman finalist, not some article meant to remind people that he's a "bad guy" or something like that. Anyway, the un-edited article is still up on my blog...you decide for yourself.

So, I figured when people say the words "slander," you may want to take a stand, or at least do something in order to try and rectify the situation. I'm still going to crank out articles on my site because people who enjoy, you know, good writing, seem to appreciate it. Thanks for all of you who have stuck with me this past year. I hope that I can continue to bring you more quality stuff. Yankees series starts today, and the Pats last preseason game is on Thursday. USC also opens up against Louisiana-Lafayette, sans Blake Mitchell. So, we'll see what Chris Smelley is made of...at least against a bottom tier team. Take care everyone. Peace.


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