Friday, October 24, 2008

Did You See That Hit?

"There will be times when all the things she said
Will fill your head
You won't forget her..."

Oh, hello there. In lieu of packing for my move back home to the Bay State, I figured I would share some of what I'm thinking right about now:

Welll, if you didn't see it, here you go. Yikes. Lucic is in my fave 5 Bruins (Kessel, Bergeron, Savard, Axelsson), and if you had never heard of him before last night, I'm thinking this hit will leave an indelible mark on your conscience...The Big Bad Bruins everyone! (I really hope the fans that got hit with the glass make a speedy recovery as well).

So the Breeders Cup starts today (oh by the way, my team got eliminated from the big deal). I've never had any horse picks that I can recall (don't even think I'm going to review every post I've ever had to try and fact-check that...just take my word for it), and I figured it would definitely not be a bad time at all to throw out my Cup predicitions. For those who are completely uninterested, know this: The "Classic" being run tomorrow is a $7 million purse...7. I'm going to pick a trifecta each race, consisting of Win (1st), Place (2nd), and Show (3rd), with the morning lines for each horse. A star will denote the favorite:

The Picks:

Fily and Mare Sprint (3:35, Friday):
  • 3- Intangroo (9/2)
  • 9- Dream Rush (20/1)
  • 5- Indian Blessing (2/1)*
Juvenile Fillies Turf (4:15, Friday):
  • 7- Consequence (8/1)
  • 1- April Pride (12/1)
  • 10- Beyond Our Reach (15/1)
Juvenile Fillies (4:55, Friday):
  • 11- Pursuit Of Glory (8/1)
  • 10- Stardom Bound (2/1)*
  • 4- Sky Diva (7/2)
Filly & Mare Turf (5:35, Friday):
  • 7- Mauralakana (5/1)
  • 3- Forever Together (6/1)
  • 4- Visit (15/1)
Ladies Classic (which sounds like an event at the World Series of Poker) (6:15, Friday):
  • 1- Zenyatta (3/5)*
  • 6- Ginger Punch (9/2)
  • 8- Bear Now (30/1)
Marathon (1:10, Saturday):
  • 6- Zappa (5/2)
  • 4- Sixties Icon (2/1)*
  • 8- Cedar Mountain (6/1)
Turf Sprint (1:50. Saturday):
  • 11- Idiot Proof (8/1)
  • 1- Heros Reward (8/1)
  • 8- Diabolical (6/1)
Dirt Mile (2:30, Saturday):
  • 6- Pyro (20/1)
  • 1- Lewis Michael (5/1)
  • 11- My Pal Charlie (20/1)
Mile (3:15, Saturday):
  • 9- War Monger (12/1)
  • 11- Whatsthescript (4/1)
  • 6- Awesome Gem (20/1)
Juvenile (3:55, Saturday):
  • 6- Silent Valor (15/1)
  • 2- Gallant Son (15/1)
  • 11- Midshipman (5/1)
Juvenile Turf (4:35, Saturday):
  • 4- Donativum (6/1)
  • 3- Westphalia (5/1)
  • 12- Grand Adventure (5/1)
Sprint (5:15, Saturday):
  • 9- Fatal Bullet (6/1)
  • 2- Street Boss (3/1)*
  • 5- First Defence (12/1)
Turf (6:00, Saturday):
  • 3- Grand Couturier (6/1)
  • 2- Red Rocks (5/1)
  • 10- Out Of Control (10/1)
(quick note of the "Turf," there is Red Rocks and Red Rock Canyon, both of whom are Irish...none of whom are likely referencing the concert venue)

Classic (6:45, Saturday):
  • 5- Henrythenavigator (10/1)
  • 1- Go Between (8/1)
  • 11- Colonel John (20/1)
Wow, that was almost painfully long. The reason I didn't pick Curlin in the "Classic" is because it seems like every time a horse is about to make some kind of history, they choke. I mean Curlin is an amazing horse, and if he wins this race, he passes Cigar for the most earnings ever. I have to say though that after watching two sure-fire horses that were supposed to win the Triple Crown (Smarty Jones and Big Brown) choke in the final race that would ultimately put them in very rare air, I have my concerns. Even Cigar choked in the Classic (1996...although he did win in '95). Plus, Curlin won last year, and only one other horse in the 24-year history of the race has repeated (Tiznow: 2000-2001), so the odds are against him.

Ok, well, I'll probably have more for you today, but now, it's laundry time...and I gotta make it back for the first race (bet your bottom dollar I'm watching all these races because fake money, integrity, and extremely small-time bragging rights are up for grabs). Every horse will get a $2 wager on their spot, and I'll let you know how I did when it's all over. If any excuse, this is a nice excuse for drinking I have to say. So, good luck to all...even if you're not betting...See you soon. Peace.


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