Monday, November 10, 2008

Top 20 Wicked Killer Returns

"And they're helpless, and forgetting in the background...holding nothing."

Okay, just got my first iPod...very sweet. So, while the "syncing," as they call it, is going on, I thought I would start up on a little side project. I'm hoping that over the course of time, I get more of these countdowns on here, but for now, here is the first installment in the "wicked killer" countdown series. After watching the Wes Welker highlight video from his days at Tech, I thought an appropriate start would be the top 20 wicked killer returns of all time. I hope I get all the great ones in there, and if there's a aggregious ommission, please do not hesitate to let me know...these lists can change. So, here we go...hope you enjoy:

20. Ohio St./Indiana, 2006 (Ted Ginn, Jr.)

19. Denver/Chicago, 2007 (Devin Hester) Part I
Denver/Chicago, 2007 (Devin Hester) Part II

18. Atlanta/Los Angeles Rams, 1989 (Deion Sanders)

17. Chicago/Washington, 1987 NFC Divisional Playoffs (Darrell Green)

16. Minnesota/New Orleans, 2006 (Reggie Bush)

15. Colorado/Texas Tech, 2004 (Wes Welker)

14. Oregon/California, 2007 (DeSean Jackson)

13. Chicago/Indianapolis, Super Bowl XLI (Devin Hester)

12. N.Y. Giants/Baltimore, Super Bowl XXXV (Ron Dixon/Jermaine Lewis)

11. San Francisco/Chicago, 2005 (Nathan Vasher)

10. West Virginia/Pittsburgh, 2006 (Darrelle Revis)

9. Northwestern/Hawai'i, 2004 (Chad Owens)

8. Denver/Kansas City, 2003 (Dante Hall)

7. Duke/Miami, 2005 (Devin Hester)

6. Cleveland/Pittsburgh, 2007 (Joshua Cribbs)

5. San Diego/Minnesota, 2007 (Antonio Cromartie)

4. San Francisco/Dallas, 2002 (Woody Dantzler)

3. Buffalo/Tennessee, 2000 AFC Wild Card (Music City Miracle)

2. Michigan/Ohio St., 1991 (Desmond Howard)

1. Cal/Stanford, 1982 (The Play)

Alright, that killed some time. Also, in terms of fun is this? There will definitely be another installment of this because this is way too fun. Hope you liked it. Peace.


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