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2010 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

"And when we rock up on the mic, we rock the mic right."

So nothing like saying you're going to be writing (or at least attempting) to write more...and then take another two months off. However, after watching the combine over the weekend, I was inspired to get back and write my first draft column of the year.

As if the draft was important enough already, this, at least in my opinion, is the most important draft for the Pats in the last decade. While most of the concerns facing the Pats appear on the defensive side of the ball, I actually have them taking three offensive players in the second round. Because of the fact that such a league-wide premium will be placed on athletically-gifted defensive players, I suspect that really talented offensive playmakers (Aaron Hernandez and Dexter McCluster come to mind) will start to slide on draft boards. Even if the Pats go a different route, they need to cash in this year. My confidence is already at an all-time low in terms of the Pats' ability to draft impact players after the first round (because, let's face it, it's not really that hard to draft in the first round...the odds of being the Lions every year is really tough). Seriously though, if they can't get it together this year...I mean when does it end? Will they really trade into next year again? Sure, there exists a chance that a rookie salary cap will be in place by then, but why continue to let all these potential game-changers slip by when all the pieces are in place this year? (There also exists the possibility that there will be a work stoppage in 2011 if the players and owners can't get together over the rookie cap and revenue sharing). Anyway, this is my pleading and urging of the entire Patriot organization to please get their sh...err, stuff together this year. It also doesn't hurt to listen to pundits (maybe not so much me...I mean if they want to listen, that's great...I'm not expecting it to I guess any degree though) because, believe it or not, they actually know what they're talking about because they all have miles of film on every single prospect coming out, so taking a listen to "experts" and their take on prospects is not the worst idea here.

Okay, now that my undying biasedness is out of the way, we can get down to the actual draft itself. First, let's break down the prospects in terms of position values. This list is basically determined by what I saw at the combine, my opinions in terms of potential value, and what others are saying regarding this subject.

  1. Jimmy Clausen, 6'3, 223, Notre Dame
  2. Sam Bradford, 6'4 223, Oklahoma
  3. Tim Tebow, 6'3, 245, Florida
  4. Tony Pike, 6'6, 210, Cincinnati
  5. Colt McCoy, 6'2, 210, Texas
  6. Dan LeFevour, 6'3, 238, Central Michigan
  7. Daryll Clark, 6'3, 232, Penn State
  8. Thaddeus Lewis, 6'1, 215, Duke
  9. John Skelton, 6'5, 258, Fordham
  10. Jevan Snead, 6'3, 220, Ole Miss
Running Backs:
  1. C.J. Spiller, 5'11, 195, Clemson
  2. Jonathan Dwyer, 6'0, 235, Georgia Tech
  3. Ryan Matthews, 5'11, 220, Fresno State
  4. Jahvid Best, 5'10, 195, California
  5. Dexter McCluster, 5'9, 170, Ole Miss
  6. Toby Gerhart, 6'1, 235, Stanford
  7. LeGarrette Blount, 6'2, 240, Oregon
  8. Montario Hardesty, 6'0, 215, Tennessee
  9. Charles Scott, 6'0, 234, LSU
  10. Joe McKnight, 6'0, 190, Southern Cal
  1. Manase Tonga, 6'0, 238, BYU
  2. Rashawn Jackson, 6'1, 245, Virginia
  3. John Conner, 5'11, 240, Kentucky
  4. Jack Corcoran, 6'1, 230, Rutgers
  5. Cory Jackson, 6'1, 245, Maryland
Wide Receivers:
  1. Dez Bryant, 6'2, 220, Oklahoma State
  2. Golden Tate, 5'11, 195, Notre Dame
  3. Arrelious Benn, 6'2, 220, Illinois
  4. Damian Williams, 6'1, 195, Southern Cal
  5. Brandon LaFell, 6'3, 206, LSU
  6. Jordan Shipley, 6'0, 190, Texas
  7. Mardy Gilyard, 6'1, 187, Cincinnati
  8. Jacoby Ford, 5'10, 185, Clemson
  9. DeMaryius Thomas, 6''3, 229, Georgia Tech
  10. Eric Decker, 6'2, 215, Minnesota
Tight Ends:
  1. Aaron Hernandez, 6'2, 250, Florida
  2. Jermaine Gresham, 6'6, 258, Oklahoma
  3. Jimmy Graham, 6'8, 260, Miami
  4. Ed Dickson, 6'5, 243, Oregon
  5. Dennis Pitta, 6'5, 247, BYU
  6. Rob Gronkowski, 6'6, 265, Arizona
  7. Anthony McCoy, 6'5, 250, Southern Cal
  8. Jeron Mastrud, 6'6, 253, Kansas State
  9. Dorin Dickerson, 6'2, 230, Pittsburgh
  10. Michael Hoomanawanui, 6'5, 270, Illinois
Offensive Tackles:
  1. Anthony Davis, 6'6, 325, Rutgers
  2. Russell Okung, 6'5, 300, Oklahoma State
  3. Bruce Campbell, 6'7, 310, Maryland
  4. Bryan Bulaga, 6'6, 312, Iowa
  5. Trent Williams, 6'5, 318, Oklahoma
  6. Charles Brown, 6'6, 285, Southern Cal
  7. Vladimir Ducasse, 6'5, 330, UMass
  8. Jared Veldheer, 6'9, 321, Hillsdale
  9. Selvish Capers, 6'5, 298, West Virginia
  10. Marshall Newhouse, 6'4, 320, TCU
Offensive Guards:
  1. Mike Iupati, 6'6, 330, Idaho
  2. Rodger Saffold, 6'5, 306, Indiana
  3. Jon Asamoah, 6'5, 315, Illinois
  4. John Jerry, 6'6, 335, Ole Miss
  5. Shawn Lauvao, 6'3, 305, Arizona State
  6. Mike Johnson, 6'6, 305, Alabama
  7. Sergio Render, 6'3, 313, Virginia Tech
  8. Mike Johnson, 6'6, 305, Alabama
  9. Zane Beadles, 6'4, 305, Utah
  10. Mitch Petrus, 6'4, 315, Arkansas
  1. Maurkice Pouncey, 6'5, 318, Florida
  2. Matt Tennant, 6'4, 291, Boston College
  3. Eric Olsen, 6'5, 305, Notre Dame
  4. J.D. Walton, 6'3, 305, Baylor
  5. Ted Larsen, 6'2, 300, North Carolina State
Defensive Ends:
  1. Derrick Morgan, 6'4, 272, Georgia Tech
  2. Jason Pierre-Paul, 6'6, 260, South Florida
  3. Carlos Dunlap, 6'6, 290, Florida
  4. Brandon Graham, 6'2, 263, Michigan
  5. Jerry Hughes, 6'3, 257, TCU
  6. Ricky Sapp, 6'5, 240, Clemson
  7. Greg Hardy, 6'5, 275, Ole Miss
  8. Corey Wootton, 6'7, 280, Northwestern
  9. Koa Misi, 6'3, 263, Utah
  10. George Selvie, 6'4, 250, South Florida
Defensive Tackles:
  1. Ndamukong Suh, 6'4, 300, Nebraska
  2. Gerald McCoy, 6'4, 297, Oklahoma
  3. Dan Williams, 6'3, 327, Tennessee
  4. Brian Price, 6'2, 300, UCLA
  5. Terrence Cody, 6'5, 365, Alabama
  6. Jared Odrick, 6'5, 296, Penn State
  7. Geno Atkins, 6'1, 290, Georgia
  8. Lamarr Houston, 6'2, 300, Texas
  9. Arthur Jones, 6'4, 293, Syracuse
  10. Tyson Alualu, 6'3, 290, California
Outside Linebackers:
  1. Sergio Kindle, 6'4, 255, Texas
  2. Eric Norwood, 6'1, 252, South Carolina
  3. Sean Weatherspoon, 6'2, 245, Missouri
  4. Navorro Bowman, 6'1, 232, Penn State
  5. Thaddeus Gibson, 6'2, 240, Ohio State
  6. Rennie Curran, 5'11, 225, Georgia
  7. Sean Lee, 6'2, 236, Penn State
  8. Cameron Sheffield, 6'2, 249, Troy
  9. Dekoda Watson, 6'2, 226, Florida State
  10. Justin Cole, 6'3, 240, San Jose State
Inside Linebackers:
  1. Rolando McClain, 6'4, 258, Alabama
  2. Brandon Spikes, 6'3, 258, Florida
  3. Daryl Washington, 6'3, 234, TCU
  4. Darryl Sharpton, 6'0, 235, Miami
  5. Pat Angerer, 6'1, 235, Iowa
  6. Ryan D'Imperio, 6'3, 245, Rutgers
  7. Micah Johnson, 6'2, 258, Kentucky
  8. Donald Butler, 6'2, 235, Washington
  9. Jama Chaney, 6'1, 240, Mississippi State
  10. Joe Pawelek, 6'2, 240, Baylor
  1. Joe Haden, 5'11, 190, Florida
  2. Kyle Wilson, 5'10, 186, Boise State
  3. Patrick Robinson, 5'11, 194, Florida State
  4. Brandon Ghee, 6'0, 190, Wake Forest
  5. Perrish Cox, 6'0, 198, Oklahoma State
  6. Devin McCourty, 5'11, 190, Rutgers
  7. Javier Arenas, 5'9, 198, Alabama
  8. Myron Lewis, 6'2, 205, Vanderbilt
  9. Chris Cook, 6'2, 210, Virginia
  10. Kareem Jackson, 5'11, 192, Alabama
  1. Eric Berry, 5'11, 203, Tennessee
  2. Earl Thomas, 5'10, 197, Texas
  3. Taylor Mays, 6'3, 230, Southern Cal
  4. Morgan Burnett, 6'1, 210, Georgia Tech
  5. Nate Allen, 6'2, 206, South Florida
  6. Myron Rolle, 6'2, 223, Florida State
  7. Kam Chancellor, 6'4, 230, Virginia Tech
  8. Chad Jones, 6'3, 231, LSU
  9. Larry Asante, 6'1, 215, Nebraska
  10. Rashad Jones, 6'2, 215, Georgia
Kickers & Punters:
  1. Leigh Tiffin (K), 6'2, 212, Alabama
  2. Brett Swenson (K), 5'8, 185, Michigan State
  3. Zoltan Mesko (P), 6'5, 231, Michigan
  4. Robert Malone (P), 6'2, 215, Fresno State
  5. Aaron Pettrey (K), 6'2, 199, Ohio State
So, now that we've broken down each position, let's get right into the mock draft itself. Due to the three second-rounders the Pats possess, I've decided to expand my mock to two rounds entirely based on the fact that the bulk of how we will judge the Pats' draft will come in the second round rather than what they do at #22 (by the way, this is the same way we will judge the '09 Draft for Bill & Co., and right now...not looking too good) Of course none of this will pan out, and in hindsight, one would say a complete waste of time...but this is what I do. So, here comes the first installment...

Round One:
  1. St. Louis- Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma- If the Rams do pass on a QB again, I won't be as curious about as I have been for the last two drafts, when they let Matt Ryan and Mark Sanchez slip on by. I think Bradford's good...but franchise savior/resurrector? I'm not so sure about that. Here's my thing: If they take Bradford here, or even Jimmy Cluasen here, it will be an indication that they're willing to admit they f'd up. This is a team that needs everything, and taking a QB would be considered a reach. If they want the best player available, they have to go Suh or Gerald McCoy here. However, I think they concede to the fact that they are starved for that "franchise" QB, and they may buckle this year.
  2. Detroit- Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska- In my opinion, the Lions are in the best position they could have possibly been in here. They already took a QB last year, so basically, they can't miss here. If they're going defense, they will have at least two "franchise" guys available from a group of Suh, McCoy, and Eric Berry. The Rams are going to be at the point of almost being tortured by who they pick, or if they can possibly trade down (which I don't think is a possibility now), while the Lions will have basically all of their options open to them...that is of course if they trade down and take Dez Bryant, which I am secretly hoping for.
  3. Tampa Bay- Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma- The Bucs are really hoping that all the hype about Bradford going #1 is true, as they have the most to benefit if a QB goes #1. They will take the tackle that the Lions pass on if that all plays out.
  4. Washington- Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame- The 'Skins need to trade down here, pick up some picks, and avoid this entire QB situation altogether. However, they're going to stick and stay because, again, this is a draft where the talent is fairly evenly spread out, and you can get a Pro-Bowler in the middle of the first round without having to trade their entire draft to move up. As the days progress, J-Camp's favorability seems to be decreasing...this tends to happen when you have a young QB try and master like eight different offenses in his first five years. They should pick Anthony Davis here and really look to get that offensive line locked down because Jansen and Samuels cannot stay healthy. As of right now though, I think Shanahan will opt for a QB that he can mold to his system.
  5. Kansas City- Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers- While probably not being the best "all-around" tackle in the draft (see: next pick), Davis' raw athletic abilities and potential upside have sky-rocketed him from a high second-to-late first to a top five pick. KC needs everything, but conventional wisdom suggests that Pioli will build from the trenches, then proceed outward (drafted DT Tyson Jackson #3 last year).
  6. Seattle- Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State- This could potentially be a transition spot if Berry and Okung are still available, much like how it was last year when the Jets traded up to #6 to take Mark Sanchez. Seattle is also sitting pretty right now with two picks in the top 15 (this of course assuming they do not trade one of them, most likely #14, to get Brandon Marshall). If they stick and stay though, Okung is a guy that can be of the Walter Jones All-Pro like variety, so when Jones does step down, they will have someone who is ready to take over (Okung actually considers Jones his hero and even wears his number...thanks NFL Network).
  7. Cleveland- Eric Berry, S, Tennessee- While receiver may be the easy pick here, I find that it will be excruciatingly difficult for Holmgren to pass on arguably the surest thing of this entire draft.
  8. Oakland- Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland- I am real close to guaranteeing this happens. Campbell is a workout warrior, he'll be here at #8, Al Davis is drafting...need I say more?
  9. Buffalo- Brian Bulaga, OT, Iowa- The Bills find themselves needing everything, but it never hurts to try and get that franchise left tackle, and this year, in case you were unaware, is the year to do it. Four tackles in the top 10 is not inconceivable at all.
  10. Jacksonville- Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida- Wasn't this suppose to be George Selvie's name and not Pierre-Paul's? My what difference a year makes. Pierre-Paul has shown limitless upside and is a gifted pass-rusher, much like what Selvie was last year, but injuries and an emerging line partner left Selvie in the dust, and put Pierre-Paul into the top 10, and potentially, the top 5.
  11. Denver (from CHI (Cutler))- Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State- I am assuming the Broncos will find a trading partner for Brandon Marshall, thus leaving a gaping hole at #1 receiver, a spot I'm not sure Eddie Royal is ready to assume. Bryant was a top 5 pick all along, but questions about his character and his mid-season suspension hurt his draft stock (oh by the way, if you don't want your character questioned, don't hang out with Deion Sanders before the draft...even if Deion just works you out, you're probably going to be labeled as "talented, but with some character edge"...I don't think it's necessarily right, but it is what it is). If the Broncos are unable to unload Marshall, 1.) that sucks for them because both sides of that equation hate each other, and 2.) Rolando McClain from 'Bama becomes almost a mortal lock here to play beside D.J. Williams.
  12. Miami- Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee- With Karlos Dansby in place (really not looking forward to seeing him twice a year), the Dolphins are looking for a true nose tackle to put in the middle of their 3-4. Williams is a run-stop tackle while Suh and McCoy, while certainly being able to help defend the run, are more of the QB pressure persuasion.
  13. San Francisco- Joe Haden, CB, Florida- The Niners could be the beneficiaries of a slow 40 time turned in my Haden (mostly due to his form which was pointed out by, yup, you guessed it, Deion Sanders). Haden actually possesses 4.4 speed, but it's 4.4 "game speed" as opposed to "combine speed" (I differentiate the two because guys in the combine sometimes run with their heads down for aerodynamic purposes to shave some tenths off their which I say when can you ever run with your head down in the NFL?). In this year's draft, Haden is by far and away the best corner, and correct me if I'm wrong, but Mike Singletary "wants winners." Hopefully a shut-down corner from Florida is enough.
  14. Seattle (from DEN (Alphonso Smith))- Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech- During this process of evaluating talent, there are certain guys that you really like, and then there are certain guys you love...I love Derrick Morgan. This is my plea right now. If Seattle still has #14 by draft day, and Morgan is still available, the Pats absolutely need to trade up and get him. If they allegedly made an offer for Julius Peppers, here's a chance to get a guy who is of the same mold, but nine years younger, and most likely playing with a chip on his shoulder considering he probably should be going somewhere closer to the top 5. I'm thinking the #22 and one of those second-rounders will get the job done. I'm telling you right now...this guy...this guy you don't want to miss out on.
  15. New York Giants- Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama- Like Morgan, McClain should probably be going a lot higher than this (and very well might), but for now, the G-Men will get their middle linebacker for the next ten years. Berry, Morgan, and McClain are incapable of missing in my opinion.
  16. Tennessee- Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida- The "wild card" of the first round goes to a team that specializes in wild cards (VY, Chris Johnson, LenDale to name three). Dunlap's potential and skills have taken a back seat to his off-the-field debacles, and if the Titans can get him on the up and up, he may start to fill out like another D-End they took from Florida (Kearse).
  17. San Francisco (from CAR (Everette Brown))- Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma- Williams will benefit from the elite tackles all going in the top 10. Normally, he's a high second-rounder, but based on need and availability, Williams now slips into the middle of the first round. The Niners are much like the Seahawks in having two picks, having needs at multiple positions, and perhaps looking to move down to acquire more picks.
  18. Pittsburgh- Earl Thomas, S, Texas- It's looking more and more like Ryan Clark won't be back, leaving a hole at strong safety next to Polamalu. I know Taylor Mays' 40 time may have propelled him to the #2 safety behind Berry. However, two safeties from Southern Cal in the same lineup? Has that ever been done? I'm thinking no, and I'm not sure if it will start here. Thomas, skill-wise, has a better game right now than Mays, so if the Steelers go by an all-around game, which they normally do, they'll take Thomas here.
  19. Atlanta- Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas- With Dunta Robinson in the fold, the Falcons won't be in the market for a corner anymore. This leaves outside linebacker, or really anyone who can put pressure on the quarterback, as their #1 need. Kindle will be a bargain this late.
  20. Houston- C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson- Ugh. This makes me think about Steve Slaton. While he wasn't Matt Forte-bad, he wasn't worth all the hype I gave him. After that whole situation melted down on Gary Kubiak, he was left with Ryan Moats as his starter...good luck making the playoffs with that. Even if Slaton returns to his starting role, I'm almost positive they will want some kind of insurance in case he doesn't work out...again. Also, Spiller will be an instant contributor to the return game, so it's not as though he will go to waste if Slaton does happen to come back into favor. One final note: Has anyone drafted better than the Texans over the last five years? They continue to improve every single year, and are getting guys they can immediately plug in and make sound contributions.
  21. Cincinnati- Taylor Mays, S, Southern Cal- The Bengals' starting safeties right now are Chris Crocker and Roy I'm thinking that may be an area of concern. I know they keep spending high picks on defense, but I guess they're going to keep having to do that because they continually strike out on all of these picks (think of them as the bizarro Texans).
  22. New England- Brandon Graham, OLB, Michigan- The only reason I have Graham here is because Graham seems to be the "flavor of the week" pick. I'm not totally convinced that he's the guy...maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not "wowed" by Graham, and generally, if you're spending a first round pick, you would like to be at least somewhat bowled over. He ran a 4.72 at the Combine, then strained his hamstring, meaning he won't participate at Michigan's Pro Day, leaving something to be wanted there. He certainly has a bit of explosiveness, but hey, call me way is he better than Eric Norwood. If it's not an outside linebacker/defensive end here, then why not Tim Tebow? Why even take a chance and have him get scooped up in the beginning of the second round? I have to tell you, I am completely comfortable with Tebow here. You have to start thinking about the future now, rather than waiting until it avalanches on you (see: last year's Patriots' defense).
  23. Green Bay- Charles Brown, OT, Southern Cal- Brown is the last of the remaining "okay to draft in the first round" tackles. Their two big needs are O-Tackle and corner, and with the Packers' preference for tall corners, I feel like they will side towards getting a big guy up front to protect Aaron Rodgers.
  24. Philadelphia- Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri- The Eagles need help either at defensive end or linebacker, and I'm almost positive they address one of those needs here. Also, Weatherspoon is kind of a vocal guy in the huddle, something I also suspect the Eagles may be looking at.
  25. Baltimore- Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma- After acquiring Anquan Boldin, it makes perfect sense for the Ravens to continue to bolster their offense. Gresham, before the injury to his knee, was considered a top 15 guy. The reason I have Hernandez ranked higher than him is because right now, if you're asking me who will have the most immediate impact, and who will have the longer career, I have to say Hernandez. I never like guys coming into the league after basically missing an entire year of football...sometimes it works I guess (Robert Meachem).
  26. Arizona- Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU- With Karlos Dansby off to Miami, and Antrel Rolle going to glorious East Rutherford (Miami or Jersey...decisions, decisions), this opens the possibilities up even more so than before. Of course they have to go defense after getting shalacked in two consecutive playoff games. Hughes comes in with as much talent as anyone, but went overlooked at TCU. Really he should be in the first half of the first round, and the Cards will be getting a steal here at #26.
  27. Dallas- Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho- In terms of the best interior offensive linemen in the draft, I have gone back and forth on Iupati and Maurkice Pouncey numerous times. I have Iupati a little bit ahead right now based on his ability to step in right away, whereas Pouncey may be a bit of a developmental guy (he may take less than a year to develop though). The Cowboys clearly need to improve their line, especially their guards.
  28. San Diego- Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State- Like the Iupati/Pouncey debate, I have been back and forth on this pick a number of times as well. Yes, the Chargers did use a 1st and 3rd round tender on Darren Sproles, meaning he will be back, but even so, Sproles is not an every-down back. So, now the argument becomes who is #2 in terms of running backs in this draft? I say Matthews has a slight edge after his combine performance. All things considered, Dwyer is probably the better runner, but I think the Chargers are in need of a dynamic runner to at least attempt to make up for some of LT's production.
  29. New York Jets- Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame- The Jets attempted to bolster their receiving core by trading for Braylon Edwards last year, which returned mixed results. Tate showed what he is capable at the Combine, and could be a really nice addition to Sanchez's arsenal.
  30. Minnesota- Brian Price, DT, UCLA- The Vikings are potentially going to lose either Pat or Kevin Williams either this year or next year, so the conventional wisdom would suggest that they get someone in there now that they can mold when the day the Williams' get split up. An interesting thought here though...quarterback? That may not be that far-fetched in regards to bringing a guy who will not have to start right away that you can mold to your specific offense.
  31. Indianapolis- Maurkice Pouncey, C/OG, Florida- The Colts will always be in the market for improving their line, despite having some solid pieces already in tact (Diem, Saturday). I think their run protection leaves something to be desired though, so I won't be surprised to see them take the guard that Dallas passes on here.
  32. New Orleans- Eric Norwood, OLB, South Carolina- This is one of those picks that I am going to really be cringing about (Norwood, Morgan, Tebow, Shipley, Hernandez to name five). It really is a perfect fit though. It's tough to break down the needs of a Super Bowl champ, but if I have to pick one, outside linebacker is it. Scott Fujita's future with the club is in limbo, and Norwood will be great no matter where he goes (especially in Foxboro...ESPECIALLY IN FOXBORO!).
Round Two:

33. St Louis- Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois
34. Detroit- Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State
35. Tampa Bay- Damian Williams, WR, Southern Cal
36. Kansas City- Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida
37. Washington- Rodger Saffold, OG/OT, Indiana
38. Cleveland- Ricky Sapp, DE, Clemson
39. Oakland- Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State
40. Seattle- Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU
41. Buffalo- Terrance Cody, DT, Alabama
42. Tampa Bay (compensation for Gaines Adams (R.I.P.))- Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest
43. Miami- Greg Hardy, DE, Ole Miss
44. New England (from Jacksonville (Derek Cox))- Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
45. Denver- Corey Wootton, DE, Northwestern
46. New York Giants- Morgan Burnett, S, Georgia Tech
47. New England (from TEN (Jared Cook))- Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas
48. Carolina- Mardy Gilyard, WR, Cincinnati
49. San Francisco- Vladimir DeCasse, OT/OG, UMass
50. Kansas City (compensation for Tony Gonzalez)- Jared Odrick, DT/DE, Penn State
51. Houston- Perrish Cox, CB, Oklahoma State
52. Pittsburgh- Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers
53. New England- Aaron Hernandez, TE, Florida
54. Cincinnati- Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami
55. Philadelphia- Nate Allen, S, South Florida
56. Green Bay- Dexter McCluster, RB/WR, Ole Miss
57. Baltimore- Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillside
58. Arizona- Daryl Washington, ILB, TCU
59. Dallas- Javier Arenas, CB, Alabama
60. San Diego- Jon Asamoah, OG, Illinois
61. New York Jets- Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech
62. Minnesota- Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech
63. Indianapolis- Myron Lewis, CB, Vanderbilt
64. New Orleans- Navorro Bowman, OLB, Penn State

So there is my first, and I'm really hoping not the last installment of the mock draft. In the coming days, be on the look out for my March Madness Dossier and my second annual MLB over/unders columns coming out in the next few days. Until next time, take care everyone. Peace.


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