Sunday, September 09, 2007

We're That Good

"A love like ours is love that's hard to find
How could we let it slip away?"

So Michigan should stop playing football.

At least fire Lloyd Carr. I mean wasn't this team in the Rose Bowl last year? Now they lose to Oregon by 31? I mean...yikes. Seriously, they should either fire Carr, or take him out back like he pulled up lame in the sixth race at Belmont. What Michigan has done is opened up a total new source of revenue in Columbus, Ohio. First App St., now Oregon. Is the Ohio St. stuff selling as well as the opponents that beat Michigan are? Again, those "games that caught my eye" turned out to be games that caught my degenerate gambler eye (by the way, a guy at the bar today was in field goal kicker survivor pool...if you ever want to question if you have a gambling problem, that is a sure-fire way to answer it). Auburn lost at home to South Florida, meaning of course that USF is that good, or Auburn is that bad...or they're both decent and the Bulls got lucky in OT. In any event, I was horrible predicting college game...horrible. Nebraska didn't cover, but they did win, meaning that game next week will have that much more significance on the national landscape. I basically figured TCU was overrated, but I mean you would have to be kind of gullible to believe they were the 19th best team in the country. I did forewarn you about the Rutgers game, and I'm wicked proud that it all went according to plan (Navy got to a push, and the total went over). Oklahoma proved that they have a pretty good offense...ok, an incredible offense, as they steamrolled the 'Canes at Norman.

And of course...there's a reason that my lock of the day hit: Hello #17 University of South Carolina...sure , they're #21 on ESPN, but for some reason, I'm kind of digging the AP poll right it because we're higher ranked in the AP? it because we're higher ranked than Clemson in the AP?...oh you know it.

Now, Sunday. Well, ladies and gentlemen of Patriots Nation, if you aren't completely nuts about this team after today, I don't know what to tell you. In every facet of the game, we dominated the Jets, who aren't the worst team ever, beating them by 24 points. Remember how I said that I didn't know what kind of impact Randy Moss would have? Ok, well, remind me to never question that ever, ever, ever again. Moss may not be as fast as he was in his Vikings days, but he sure can catch, and I mean really, that's all we ask of the guy. We just want him to be a possession receiver, and he certainly did that today, tearing the Jets up, getting open, and even making plays when he was in triple coverage. There is no way to measure what Moss does for this offense. Also, Wes Welker has become Brady's running mate when Tom runs for President in ten years. Did you not get excited when Welker was catching the ball today (actually, I was going bananas the whole game)? Welker's jersey sales are going through the roof as we speak (including this guy contemplating buying one). In terms of the defense, at times, they did bend, but they kept it within reason. The Jets clearly picked on the Pats' newcomers, Adalius Thomas and Asante Samuel (who is a newcomer in terms of not playing at all until today). Now that did work in limited spurts, but overall, the Jets simply could not put a consistent offense together, and just could not keep up with the Pats' ability to put points up like nothing else. San Diego at the Razor next Sunday (8:00 game)...I absolutely can't wait.

Nominee for most satisfying time I yelled "what the ____ are you doing!?": Ellis Hobbs. The longest return in NFL history (108 yards)...I still have no clue why he took it out of the end zone, but it will be awhile until I question what Ellis Hobbs does on kickoff returns.

The Browns need to either start Brady Quinn or fire Romeo Crennel. If they don't do at least one of the two, that stadium will look like Pompeii in a few weeks.

The Panthers shocked the hell out of me. I still really don't think they're that good, but they definitely made a statement today, Jake Delhomme especially.

Go Pack go.

Houston stomped out sleeper team comes to Charlotte next week. I can't wait!

Vince Young can beat anyone on any given day...not because he's the most skilled guy or the most intelligent play caller...he's just that good. Just having Young on the field gives a Tennessee team, with a mediocre offense and a horrendous defense, a chance to get to .500.

Atlanta could conceivably go winless. Having a 300+ pound D-Tackle (Kevin Williams) taking a pick fifty something yards to the house could be the death nail...and it's Week 1!

As I said, Chicago was out of place. Playing that game in crappy weather would have been a much better way to see what kind of Chicago team would show up...and I'm not just saying that because I have the Bears in the Super Bowl...


Actually I couldn't be more un-serious if I tried.

Josh McCown threw for 300 yards and two scores...and they should bench him faster than you can say "the SEC Champion Gamecocks."

Quick sidebar: Charlie Casserly is still on TV...should I just start saying the most obnoxious and ridiculous opinions ever? I could be the heir-apparent to Skip Bayliss! Seriously, this makes me mad to no end. The fact that this guy was an absolute joke at his job, and yet now, he gets a cushy spot on the CBS Pregame as "the studio GM." Luckily that title is more of a figurehead kind of position. If he was actually making the moves, he would probably lobby for a Bryant Gumbel/Al McGuire tandem for the featured game. So just before I pass out from utter boredom, the last words I would hear would be "now look at this guy right here."

In keeping with the "I can't believe this guy not only has a job, but is making more than I will in twenty years" discussion, Tom Coughlin has amazingly walked through the raindrops and is still coaching. Are they waiting for a Vick-like scandal to hit before they can him? Is it against some law to fire someone because they suck at what they do? Right now, the Cowboys are up by 12 going into the 4th. Barring what happens tomorrow, for the time being, I actually did fairly well with the predictions this week.

And Sports Guy thought the 6.5 line on the Pats was "the second dumbest line of the week."...shame on you (by the way, the "dumbest" was the Falcons being 'dogged against the know, sometimes you got it, and sometimes you don't; I hope Bill rebounds next week).

Great day today. Sox won (there was actually a game today...I know! I'm surprised like you are!), the Pats won, and I'm still "feeling the effects" of the Cocks game from yesterday (family may be reading this, so I have to choose my words wisely). Hope everyone has a great week. I hope I can get some not-so-bold predictions up by the end of the know I had Indy winning the first game...give me that one! I'm watching the "Tuck Rule" game for the 90 gazillionth time right now...never gets old (almost crashed my Isuzu Rodeo that night...Isuzu: so good that they don't make 'em anymore). Take care everyone. Peace.


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