Saturday, October 15, 2011

So I Talk To My NFL Diary (Week 6, 2011)

"Yo part two, bum rush the show."

Saturday (8:38...whoa, 8:39...time is flying!): So I'm working tomorrow, and I know, you're devastated, you're outraged!!! Buuuuutttttt...ehhh, don't feel too bad ($$, work I love, me busting Jack, Sinatra, the Beatles entire catalog, and a mellow (pun intended) soundtrack I made for a girl that I was in love with for two or so years...see here's the thing people: mixtapes are cheesy...if there is no meaning in the list...see when I make some shit, it means something. Like when I made that, my thought process was "hey, so this is definitively me , and it's really early in the morning, but this is gonna help you out BIG time," but I'm pretty sure she never heard it...
  1. Changes- David Bowie
  2. In The Waiting Line- Zero 7
  3. Glad Tidings- Van Morrison
  4. Candyman- Grateful Dead
  5. 1979- Smashing Pumpkins
  6. Please Me Like You Want To- Ben Harper
  7. Happiness Is A Warm Gun- Beatles
  8. Long Time Gone- CSNY
  9. Never Going Back- Fleetwood Mac
  10. The Only Living Boy in New York- Simon and Garfunkel (say what you will about me, but it's not my fault Zach Braff picked a good soundtrack for Garden State
  11. Ohio- Neil Young (a live version that has one of the most awkward audience clap-alongs when they are wildly off time to start, then on time, but still incredibly awkward, then a deathly silence the rest of the way, which makes that version so much know...when assholes like us aren't singing every word)
  12. Married With Children- Oasis
  13. House of Cards- Radiohead
  14. Sweet Black Angel- Rolling Stones
  15. Constellations- Jack
  16. We Never Change- Coldplay (they are a total pussy band those first two albums are absolutely some of the most groundbreaking shit of my lifetime)
  17. Shelter From The Storm- Bob Dylan
  18. Bad -U2

haha, someone will see this...

Okay, predictions, and then the segment I started that Rick Reilly stole even though I'm sure he thought he was wicked original considering not a lot of people read this and in no way could that have gotten back to him...thank God for timestamping (actually you can totally tamper with that shit...let's agree to agree on this).

Okay, picks. I'm not gonna lie, I'm really pissed at myself...I had Seattle, I had Pittsburgh...dunno why on Earth I changed it. Hopefully the lack of pregame coverage coming into this will help.

The Picks Dude:

Holy shit can we run the ball!!! Forget it. I mean seriously forget it if we remember the formula of run game + Brady = W's even if the defense doesn't show. Not saying that didn't happen last week (at least not the whole game), but we cannot be stopped if the Firm is running at full potential and Brady is given the time to's over.

Soooooooo, I'm a little tight on one issue, which is one that I have basically had my entire life with the Pats...pass f***in' rush man. Seriously, when will this happen? Could you imagine what we could do if Bill had any kind of elite pass rusher for basically the entire time he's been in New England (best pass rushers: Seymour and Vrabel)? I's frustrating to know going into every year, this is going to be your team's weakness, and they know it, and they continue to not improve at all because they got burned by the A-Train (Adalius Thomas) and Roosevelt Colvin.

Having said that, the pass rush will take a back seat to Romo combusting. I mean this guy could have 400 yards tomorrow...but will he make the big one? It's like racing at Talladega or know there's gonna be that "big one" eventually. The only problem I have is that he's underdogged, when more often than not, he fails when he's expected to do well. Hopefully my proclamation he would go for 400 jinxed him...and hopefully me just saying that didn't reverse jinx that...

Honestly, I think Sean Lee is the key to this whole equation. He's this deceptively fast MLB who quite frankly could potentially hang with Hernando down the middle. So hopefully Tom realizes this, and really starts to pick on the safety/some other linebacker on Gronk. He may have a huge game tomorrow...I mean the thing about this team is that anyone could have 100 and 2 TDs...even Woodhead, who will be back...that would be The Firm, Woodie, and Mr. Ridley all, day, long. Brady needs to utilize an over-aggressive team like he did last week. The Pats went for 450 yards and 30 pts. on Rex's D, which you know is basically like Rob's D...I mean the O/U is know they think we'll go for at least 30...again, if we really want to, we could destroy every team in the league (something Green Bay is grasping a little better than we are right now).

Green Bay (-14) vs. St. Louis: It is absolutely pointless to bet against Green Bay right now.

Jacksonville (+13) vs. Pittsbugh: Way too high of a spread for a team with a good running game and a pesky D.

Washington (+3) v.s Philly: Sorry Philly, I think you're waiting until the bye week to turn this around...and how sweet would it be for DC to come off the bye and score a revenge W against Vick and Co.?

Detroit (-4) vs. San Fran: San Fran is the team we thought they would be last year, and I think the key has had everything to do with the defense being completely menacing. I dunno though man. I see that Green Bay/Detroit game on Thanksgiving Day...and if they were both undefeated, it would be the most highly anticipated Turkey Day game of our lifetimes, possibly ever.

Carolina (+3.5) vs. Atlanta: Cam Newton is a covering machine. 4-0-1 ATS this continues to be tougher and tougher to root against this guy's success.

Indy (+6.5) vs. Cincy: I'm officially sold on Curtis Painter to be a better-than-average QB for this team. It took Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston to go out of their collective minds last week to beat them. Cincy has A.J. (who looks great), and Gresham (likewise), but that Painter/Pierre combo continues to be red hot right now, and least we forget they have Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark kinda chillin' right now. Throw some Delone Carter in there (biggggggg game for him), and I like Indy to get it, well, not back on track, but at least in the direction of it.

THE G-MEN (-3.5) vs. Buffalo: Okay, so this game screams at me to take the Bills...I'm learning to realize that, and just go opposite no matter how tempting it is to go otherwise.

Baltimore (-7) vs. Houston: It's gonna take more than one week to get over arguably the best player on your whole team going down for the me.

Cleveland (+7) vs. Oakland: Cleveland is not that bad at Oakland is not that good...they're both on the exact same level...+3 for the home field I get, but +7 is a little steep.

New Orleans (-7) vs. Tampa Bay: Is it possible that Tampa is like the Emperor With New Clothes, and we were all buying into this offense being great despite only having one reliable wide receiver (the Mike Williams), a good but not great tight end (Soldier), and a back who is unstoppable when he's in there, but yet has only been in there for like ten games? Also, New Orleans has a way of letting teams back in (Houston, Carolina) only to pound them out in the end.

Chicago (-2.5) vs. Minnesota: Just load up the box and see if McNabb can beat you...that has to be the strategy going into this week right? Especially after last week and what happened against 'Zona, the Bears have to throw everything they have at All Day, and they likely won't have Peppers for the game. However, Minny's defense is so suspect and, as with everyone else this year, they won't have an answer for what Forte brings to the table.

Jets (-6) vs. 'Fins: Shiiiitttttttttttttttyyy game. Matt Moore vs. a Rex Ryan D off of a Pats loss? Yeeeaaaahhhhh right dude!

Alright, here's the original:

The Andrew Luck Sweepstakes:
  1. Miami (3/1): So this is the team to watch out for tanking. Here's how you'll know: 1.) They in no way attempt to trade or at least inquire about Kyle Orton, 2.) Reggie Bush gets more carries out of the backfield, 3.) One of the coordinators gets fired. I think if Miami follows this simple three-step program, Luck and a 1-15 season will be theirs.
  2. St. Louis (4/1): Let's be honest...if they get the #1 pick, they won't go with Luck considering they already have a franchise #1 overall QB on the, it's just not as fun (this is of course if San Fran trades up to get him...that would be hysterical).
  3. Indy (6/1): I do think there's a chance they go like 6-10 this year because I think Painter is actually decent, and their offense and pass rush is good enough to knock off a few lightweights here and there...speaking of which...
  4. Kansas City (8/1): They are 2-3, but I see literally nothing happening the rest of the way unless Dwayne Bowe goes for 2000 yards and 20 TDs (which would be huuuuggggeeee fantasy wise). I still see 4-12...or am I missing something?
  5. Arizona (9/1): Of all the one-win teams, this one seems the most they could conceivably lose to every team in the league...can't say that about Philly, Minny, Carolina, or Denver.

Alright, short, and almost to the point. Have a great week everyone. Peace.


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