Sunday, October 23, 2011

So I Talk To My NFL Diary (Week 7, 2011)

"It might sound crazy, but it ain't no lie..."

11:14: That's right...bye (USC) bye (Pats)...bye (I have no third one here). What's up people. I'm hoping to get a lot in here today. Down the Cape now, but hopefully will be back to the homestead for about halftime of the 4:00 games (I can't help it...I have to see Tebow). In the meantime, hope your weeks are good. I'm stoked to not work today, so let's get right the hell into it.

Predictions...let's turn it around today!!!

JAAAAAAASSSSHHHHHH and the Bucs (+1.5) vs. Da Bears:
I love not picking a Pats game this week...fantastic...anyway. So, the Bucs just rolled on a team that is 75/25 offensively reliant last week (I mean no offense to Sproles, Ingram, and Thomas, but that team passes to win), now they get another one at home? I love Forte and Hester, but they are really gonna have to go ballistic for them to take this on the road...Freeman at home is a beast...keep it going with Earnest Graham in LeGarrette's absence man.

Carolina (-2.5) vs. Washington: I'm really surprised by how low this is. Washington's defense is going to have to come up with a monster effort. Never like seeing a guy's first start due to demotion be on the road either, especially when all things considered, Rex really had like the one terrible game, and that was about it. That can't be a good sign when the guy who did have you atop the division for a little bit (hopefully all my Redskins fans out there took pictures) gets pulled after one bad game...kind of a wavering situation there.

San Diego (Pk) vs. Jets: I had the Jets penciled (typed) in here...I it a feeling. They might also get crushed. I mean right now, the Jets have to be thinking every game is must win as the Pats keep rolling along, winning all kinds of games (close ones, games that were close on the scoreboard but really weren't that close (hellllloooooo Miami!!!...spoiler: you're still #1 in something!). However, I think the Jets play better when they are loose, and going into every game thinking you have to win rather than just playing your game might get them into trouble. Can we seriously give Mike Tolbert the ball? He became available in my league, I didn't know why, and then I read his stat line...dude has under 35 yards rushing in every game this year! (although his first game he did have three receiving TDs). Man if San Diego figured out how to make him a part of the plan.

Cleveland (-3) vs. Seattle: It figured Tarvaris Jackson has one of the more important wins of his career on the road, and now he's hurt. Sooooooo what you're telling me is you have a Clemson QB going up against an extremely underrated secondary and running attack at home? Yeahhhhhhh...

Oh, so my dad wants to go to lunch, I'm pretty sure I'm still on the payment plan in this situation (which will change soon, but I'm not that financially flush to turn down free beer and food), so, it's time for the lightning round!

Denver (-1) vs. Miami: Vegas clearly underestimated the Tebow effect and the potential that its tentacles (whoa that's a letter away from this going south) would spread to NFL gambling. Opened at Miami -3, now it's as high in some places as -2.5 Denver, and this is after they traded Brandon Lloyd away. It is Tebow to Decker time.

Atlanta (+5.5) vs. Detroit: Detroit will win by 30 or lose by 7 I feel.

KC (+3.5) vs. Oakland: The Raiders are a classic "play up to the level" of the opponent. They'll probably sleep on KC like Indy did, and hopefully Matt Cassel can remember that despite not having their star RB, they have one emerging in Battle and Bowe and Breaston (lots of B's) are monsters, esp. D-Bowe (what you got on my 40 homie?)

Pittsburgh (-4) vs. Arizona: This is going to feel like Heinz Field after a while.

St. Louis (+14) vs. Dallas: At some point, don't you get tired of getting your asses kicked?

Green Bay (-10) vs. Minnesota: At no point does kicking ass get tired.

New Orleans (-13.5) vs. Indy: Something about the SuperDome for a night's like they can push the A button for turbo (I wanna say I just referenced Madden '94 on Sega...I could be wrong...was it B?, no way!) and their stamina meter stays on glowing red.

Jacksonville (+10) vs. Baltimore: The Ravens may eventually travel as well as the Steelers do in terms of fans, but they're not there quite yet. Jag fans have no choice now but to get behind Gabbert. MoJoDo can divert some attention, and look at what happened against Pittsburgh (yes, them again) last week.

Luck Sweepstakes (he looked freggin' amazing against U-Dub yesterday):
  1. Miami (3/2): Still no sign of Kyle Orton
  2. St. Louis (2/1): No Bradford today. Again, I think they put up at least a bit of a fight today.
  3. Indy (8/1): I think the favorites are kind of separating a bit from the field. Again, Indy is winless, but I could see them winning at some point...those two above?...ehhhh...
  4. Minnesota (9/1): Christian Ponder is gonna have to be real good real quick.
  5. Arizona (12/1): Very much the dark horse in all of this. Their incompetency must be credited in print though. They have one win, and it was Cam Newton's first start...and let's be honest, they probably should have lost that one too. I think 'Zona's stock might be on the rise (or plummeting, depending on how you view things...but once you get into the top 5, you immediately have to start you realize whoever has the #1 pick will be locked into as many as three first round picks?...possibly more? is a sweepstakes people)
Alright, I'm feeling good, but that's always what happens before they play the games. Sometimes you're aware of impending doom (the Buffalo game), but sometimes you just feel good, which can only stay with you, or could thoroughly crush you in the balls with an ice pick...and that's why we watch. Alright kids, let's hope everyone but people I'm playing do great in fantasy. Time to sit back as the best team in the whole damn AFC takes a breather this week.

4:44: Alright, about to head home. Two thoughts: Arian F'ing Foster. If you looked down, then looked up again at Foster's stat line, you honestly wouldn't know at first if you were looking at running or receiving...that's what the f*ck is up), and if you were not aware of this, this is Tebow's league (you know, with Brady on a bye and all). Broncos in a screecher. DeMarco just went for a 91-yard TD's like I know what I'm talking about...scary shit. We'll see you later on in Cambridge (might be bowling tonight cause I'm feeling totally crappy, but that's an upgrade from totally shitty, so we'll see).

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