Sunday, January 01, 2012

So I Talk To My NFL Diary (Week 17, 2011)

"We can break through
Though torn in two
We can be one."

9:30: Happy New Years everyone! What is happening? I just spent a half an hour typing on my iPad, and it erased everything I warning, nothing. You know I got it for Christmas, and honestly, I keep wondering if I should have just asked for a new laptop (currently using the one I had in college, which was now, unfortunately, kind of a long time ago, and the one I bought last year has a busted hinge and is totally infected with viruses because my roommate does not understand the power of softcore Cinemax porn and chooses to go on XXX sites on my laptop, then does a horrendous job trying to cover it's like dude, at least erase the history...or not have it on the site when I open up the lid!). I mean I think the technology is great, and the apps and the potential it has is big, but right now, all I wanna do is type, download illegal music, and bootleg movies and TV shows, and I guess I can't do any of those things on there.

Anyway, the jist of what I was saying is that the Pats are probably going to rope-a-dope Ryan Fitzpatrick today, much like they did against Matt Moore last week, and really, any non-elite QB that we play. Lots of soft zone to start the game to identify the targets, routes, and tendencies, and then once the 2nd quarter, or perhaps maybe even later into the 2nd half, the adjustments come in...and nobody adjusts better than the Pats. Spiller has been huge for them (111 yards and a score in the Tim Tebow beatdown of last week), and expect him to have an equally big game today. Remember though, Reggie Bush was torching us last week, but ultimately, he did not win the game for them...and why? We just didn't allow the big play to happen on the ground. Credit the D-Line and our MLBs (Jerod and Dane Fletcher) for containing Bush.

At risking the chance of repeating myself, here's how it is: The Pats are not losing this game because we just don't lose to the same team twice, and furthermore, that #1 seed is looking real shiny, especially because there is a very good chance we would avoid having to play Baltimore or Pittsburgh until the AFC Championship game, which, God-willing, would be at Gillette Stadium. Tom Brady is going to play probably more than he should today (at least 3 1/2 quarters) and, as we keep seeing over and over again, no one can stop this offense right now. Some teams have multiple weapons, and then there are teams like the Pats, Green Bay, and New Orleans who have three or four elite playmakers, making it impossible to double one or two without leaving someone really, really good open.

Ohhhhhh man is it going to be Welker time today. 217 yards on 16 receptions in the first meeting, which of course was a loss, but even so...217 yards! Lots of Wes, and I would be shocked if Gronk was not brought back in as the focal point of the offense, especially down by paydirt (do I owe James Brown any money for saying "paydirt" by the way?). I in the world are they going to stop us?

Alright, so let's dive right into it. No diary today. SBS (Social Boston Sports for those of you not in the know) is having some kind of brunch shindig for the game, so I'll be hitting that up. I'm not going to lie, I didn't even go out last night. I watched Lethal Weapon 3, passed out because I was really tired (drunk...well really a combination of the two...I was getting trunked up!), and I woke up at 11:45, went to my roof to watch the fireworks, and that was pretty much it...not bad, but anyway, I have energy and I'm feeling way better than I probably should, so I'm predicting rowdiness today.

It's about to get Rowdy Roddy Piper in this bitch!

Your New England Patriots (-10.5) vs. Buffalo: Thank you Miami for backdoor covering last week and making this spread lower than the 20 it probably would have been had we kept our 10 point lead. Also, with concerns about Brady, that also can explain why this is not a 2-TD spread. Anyway, you know we're winning, so now it becomes by how much? I would think we want to get this one over with real quick so the starters can rest for a least a portion of the 4th quarter.

Philadelphia (-8) vs. Washington: The Skins are stumbling to the finish, and the Eagles are playing like they actually have something to play for, which they do not. The only real noteworthy event is Shady McCoy's attempt to track down MoJoDo for the rushing title (although down over 100 yards already, it's going to take a miracle).

Atlanta (-10) vs. Tampa: Atlanta's got really nothing left to play for than seeding, but Tampa has been just so abysmal, especially on defense this year, that I think even a 60% effort from the Falcons could result in a two TD spread here.

San Fran (-10) vs. St. Louis: The #2 seed on the line against probably the worst team in football (I wish I could say Indy, but they're running hot on a two-game winning streak putting their total wins to...2)...even if the Rams do cover this, could you really see it coming?

Minnesota (-2) vs. Chicago: No Cutler/Forte > no Adrian Peterson.

Green Bay (+6) vs. Detroit: When else are you going to be able to bet on the Pack as 'dogs? Also, I was at Foxboro when Matt Flynn took the reigns last year for this Packer offense (this game will affectionately be known forever as the "Dan Connolly run-back" game), and he's not too bad. Plus, you have to figure that even though everything is locked up, they're not going to allow Detroit to just waltz into Lambeau and steal one here right?...


Carolina (+8) vs. New Orleans: I just love how basically all year, I've been able to pick Cam Newton as an underdog and having that come through over and over again. The Saints are at home, but it's an early start, meaning the Panthers should be able to jump out to a pretty decent start. New Orleans is also playing for that first round bye, but once that Niners score gets out of hand (which I have a feeling it will), the Saints will be locked into that #3 spot regardless of what happens.

Houston (+3) vs. Tennessee: Andre Johnson is back...hopefully to stay this time. Yes, Matt Hasselbeck was brilliant last week, but Houston's defense has been near the top of the league all season, so this should speak volumes in terms of how good he really is right now.

Cincinnati (+3) vs. Baltimore: The fact that this spread hasn't wavered very much since it opened (if anything it's shading towards Cincy) tells me that I'm not the only one who thinks Cincy is feeling that playoff push right now (currently 6th, win and they're in).

Pittsburgh (-6) vs. Cleveland: Can anyone name something besides Peyton Hillis as a reason to not think the Steelers are pulling this off?

Indy (+4) vs. Jacksonville: See this is painful for me because I slammed the door on the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes a bit prematurely as the Rams continue to get smoked in basically every game they play, and Indy, who has had over a week of rest going into this game, has won two in a row. It seems like they don't want to be known as the worst team in the NFL.

Miami (-2.5) vs. Jersey: J-E-T-S suck suck suck! Hahaha, hey it's true.

Oakland (-3) vs. San Diego: The AFC West is on the line, and if that wasn't enough, it's San Diego on the yeah.

Kansas City (+3) vs. Denver: Yes, I'm betting against Tebow. However, I am betting on the poetic justice that Kyle Orton, who was benched and then released by Denver so they could start said Tebow, can go back into Denver and stop their season in its tracks...that would be amazing.

Arizona (-2.5) vs. Seattle: It's okay...Kevin Kolb is not playing, so you can feel free to once again bet on the Cards.

The G-MEN (-3) vs. Dallas: I actually had Dallas at first, and I changed it not because of how bad they play in December/games that mean anything, but because of how impressed I am with the Giants' offense and their pass rush. You could argue that the two biggest breakout stars of this year play on the same (Victor Cruz and Jason Pierre-Paul).

Alright, let's get drunk...again. Yeah-ya! Hopefully 2012 treats us well. Have a great day everyone. Remember, USC/Nebraska tomorrow at 1:00.

GO COCKS!!!!...

and of course...


Bass in the face means peace see ya later!


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