Friday, October 26, 2007

NFL Week 8/College Week 9 Predictions

"Well I went to a dance just the other night
Everybody there was there."


Thank you Dave Clark Five for singing one of the most bizarre lines in rock and roll history. Ok, in any event, last week was good, but it needs to be better. So, here's how I plan on doing it:


Georgia vs. Florida:
The "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" commences once again this year. Right now, Florida is about the best two-loss team you may ever see, as they have been firing on all cylinders after two straight losses to LSU and Auburn at home. Florida has won four of the last five meetings, all by a touchdown or less. Much like the FSU/Miami game last week, it really doesn't matter how good the teams are...they're going to play close. Florida (W), Georgia (+9.5).

West Virginia vs. Rutgers: West Virginia's one loss was to South Florida at South Florida by eight. Now, they're "back" apparently? I don't really know how a team can fall so far out of favor with America than West Virginia. They have one loss! Their backup running back might win the Heisman next year! Also, Rutgers winning another huge game at home? They're good...I'm not quite sure they're that good. Mountaineers (W, -6).

Ohio St. vs. Penn St.: If this was played at the Horseshoe, it may have been the Buckeyes in a laugher. However, this is Happy Valley, a place that has haunted Ohio St. I will say this: If Ohio St. can somehow win this game, they may be able to cruise to the National Championship because they have no championship game (then again, the way Michigan's playing..."I'm not so sure about that"). Penn St. (W, +3.5).

South Florida vs. UConn: Wow I love UConn football. That is a shirt that will be mine...oh yes. I love how the Huskies have gone from the building stages of a D-1 program to a top 25 team in like five years. Last week, the refs blew the fair catch call to give the Huskies the game over Louisville, one of the most egregious calls you may ever see (one which the Big East has apologized for profusely, which does...well, nothing really; anytime a conference has to apologize for the officials, two things should happen: 1.) The refs need to either be fired or at least suspended for a couple of games, and 2.) Neither team should be credited for a win or a loss...make it like the game never happened, because if the refs can turn a game on a dime like they did last week, in a lot of ways, it didn't). In any event, South Florida is reeling, but the fact that this is a 3:30 game makes me think they will be able to bounce back. Again, I love UConn...South Florida (W, -4).

Colorado vs. Texas Tech: Colorado was 'dogged on the road to Baylor! Sure, they gave Kansas a game last week, but much like their baseball counterparts, home field is big for Colorado. Me, personally, I like my chances with Tech coming off a lashing against Mizzou last week. Red Raiders (W, -13.5).

Southern Cal vs. Oregon: Dennis Dixon and his merry band of over-achievers take on the Trojans, fresh off their whooping of everyone's favorite national television disaster. I ran into a guy I know at the bar last night who was a Steelers/Notre Dame fan...I mean after "hi, how are ya?," where can I go?...Hey, Notre Dame almost scored, or hey, the Steelers may win the North because all the other teams in the division are imploding. In any event, Oregon (W, -3).

Clemson vs. Maryland: It's always nice to pick against Clemson...always...oh yeah...and I'm getting points at College Park? Giddeup! Terps (W, +4).

Virginia vs. North Carolina St.: Virginia = Fuego. N.C. State = Not Fuego. Virginia (W, -3).

Michigan St. vs. Iowa: So have I missed every single Iowa game this year? Probably. Oh well. In any event, the home team wins every time here, so I'm looking for the Hawkeyes to duplicate what they did against Illinois at home. Iowa (W, -3).

UCLA vs. Washington St.: Washington St. has won four of the last five meetings, and the one loss was by three points. It's chiasmic. Washington St. (W, +6).

Last Week: SU: 7-3, ATS: 7-3
Season: 41-25, ATS: 37-26-3


Washington vs. New England: As I've said all week long, Washington is a quality opponent that should not be taken likely. The Pats have been smoking people, but again, this ATS streak has to end eventually, and it almost did last week vs. Miami. I'm seeing Washington coming out and scoring first for some reason, and that this will actually be a tight game. Patriots (W), Redskins (+16.5).

Cleveland vs. St. Louis: So this is it for the Rams. If they don't win this, it's smooth sailing to 0-16. So, with that being said, I like the Rams to finally break through. Also, Steven Jackson is coming back. Fantasy owners rejoice! Rams (W, +3).

Detroit vs. Chicago: Detroit already has one on the Bears this year...I could not be more confused about this Bears team. Really, it doesn't matter a whole bunch where I go with this one, because I have almost zero confidence in where I go in this game. Lions? (W, +5).

Indianapolis vs. Carolina: So Vinny goes on the road and beats Arizona, and his reward is the bench. This is arguably the worst 4-2 team in the history of the NFL, and I hope with David Carr at QB, they get smoked this week...I know I'll be there. Indy (W, -7).

New York vs. Miami: Live from London. So this could be the worst decision the NFL ever made. Screw a team out of a home game, and play in front of people who think football is a completely different sport. Still, I'm curious as to what will happen. Miami got its first class ticket to Screwedville last week when Ronnie Brown went down for the year. The Giants will go on a long losing streak, but again, this is the wrong week for it. G-Men (W, -9.5).

Oakland vs. Tennessee: Oakland plays Tennessee very close, so I'm liking that. Tennessee (W), Oakland (+8).

Philadelphia vs. Minnesota: The Vikings have only had two home games all year, and the Eagles have been dreadful on the road, beating only the Jets away from the Linc. Vikings (W, +2).

Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati: The home team has been surprisingly awful in this series. Cincy pulled one out against those "pesky" Jets, and Pittsburgh got beat by Denver on the road, which I accurately predicted would screw me over. In any event, I think this is going to be one of those 38-35 games...which actually favors Cincy...Bungles (W, +3.5).

Buffalo vs. New York: The Jets have been dreadful, and once again, they refuse to start Kellen Clemens. When 95% of the money is going towards the road team, you know the Jets have fallen out of favor with the public that would put money on games if that were legal. Buffalo (W, +3).

Houston vs. San Diego: The Texans were close to completing one of the best comebacks in NFL history, but the Sage Rosenfels experiment fell short to Rob Bironas...and I guess the Titans were playing too. The Texans have lost five in a row ATS, and San Diego is coming off a bye. San Diego (W, -9.5).

Jacksonville vs Tampa Bay: Garrard is out for a month, and the line went bananas when that news broke, going from Jags favored by three to Bucs by four. Tampa is 3-0 at home, and Jacksonville is 2-0 on the road. Quinn Gray at QB?...Ehhh...Tampa (W, -4).

New Orleans vs. San Francisco: The Niners have looked awful, losing their last four. However, the Saints have been even worse ATS (1-5). So, I look for the Niners to rebound. 'Frisco (W, +3).

Green Bay vs. Denver: The Broncos again get a national TV game at home...what are the odds? In any event, Denver is 0-3 as a favorite, and once again, it's almost impossible to go against the Brett Favre "will I retire a winner, paralyzed, or both?" ride. Packers (W, +3).

Last Week: SU: 10-4, ATS: 6-8
Season: 69-34, ATS: 55-39-9

Take it easy. Peace.


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