Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Diary: Bowie, MD

Tuesday, May 22

“I wanna be a rock star.”

Tonight we’re hitting up Camden Yards for the O’s/Jays game. Camden is still the best stadium I’ve been to in terms of synthetic appeal (of course you know how we’re living in terms of the best ever), so I’m looking forward to going back. This is going to be my fourth game there, so for once, I actually know what to expect. Not that I don’t like going to different and new places, but seeing something familiar will be good for me I think. Last night, we hit up the “Owner’s Suite” in Bowie to check out the BaySox game. New Briton won, officially ending the home team winning streak at seven. There was a TV there, so of course, I didn’t even watch any of the actual game at Bowie itself (nobody got to know!). The Sox looked…I dunno…terrible? Seriously, I think it’s basically mandated that we have at least one Wakefield start every couple of weeks where the offense looks as lethargic as Wake’s knuckleball, which was also terrible last night. When he’s not on, he’s so off…there’s really no middle ground. Hopefully things will get turned around tonight, and there’s no other guy you would want on the mound in a turnaround game than Julian Tavarez right?...Yikes.

So again, the lottery is tonight, and it’s too bad I won’t be able to see it (although I’m getting real-time updates from my Pops, so it’s not all that bad…although if we do take it down, I want to see Tommy Henisohn’s reaction, because you know it’s going to be priceless). Never in my life have I ever thought that finishing second was ever going to be so sweet, but I’m being completely serious when I say that if we survive until #2, I will be just as happy as if we got #1. Although I like Oden a lot, him and Durant are tied for first on my list, so there’s no real losing here. The franchise is going to change regardless. I don’t care how “deep” they say this draft is, if we don’t get Oden or Durant, I’ll be devastated, because it could signal another relapse for the franchise. If ever we needed something to happen to us, it’s this. You may think I’m taking this too seriously, but I swear to you, if these two things happen:

1.) We don’t go #1 or #2 and

2.) We draft Joahkim Noah

I will disown the Celtics. I swear I’ll do it. That would be a bigger blow than Len Bias and Tim Duncan ever will be. You want to talk about running a franchise into the ground. I don’t care if Noah is the next Kevin McHale, they are not going to put me in a position to root for Noah…it’s not happening. I’ll become a Bobcats fan, I don’t care. If you go for a Florida guy, go Al Horford…please, I’m begging you. The C’s can draft no lower than #5, and have around a 40% chance to land the #1 or #2 pick. The NBA needs us, so if they’ve been fixing this thing all along, then this is a slam dunk (pun intended). Ok, which team would Oden or Durant get max exposure and bring in more ratings: Memphis or Boston? This is a joke people. We need another franchise guy bad. The last time we had a two-headed monster, we were a couple shots away from reaching the NBA Finals. So, I’m begging the Association…please, for the sanity of myself and everyone who still looks at the box score every day…please give us Oden or Durant. Basketball is back in Boston, and the core guys we have in place right now are solid. If we get one of these two, I guarantee the Celts are in the playoffs and making a deep run in the Eastern Conference. Laugh, call me an idiot, I don’t care how you take that statement. This has got to go down. We’ve suffered enough, and by the way, even with their three-peat a couple years ago, the Lakers are still like four or five championships behind the Celts in championships. We are still a proud franchise, even though our record doesn’t show it. If you want to get that “Garden” crowd back, make it happen…let us win for once in my life.

Alright gang, sorry for the short report, but my laptop battery is running low, and I’m out of ideas anyway, so that combination is going to let me wish you all a good night and pleasant travels. Peace.


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