Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Diary: On The Way To Greenville

Tuesday May 15, 2007

“We’ve all been eating cake, and thought “you know what this needs? Booze.’”

Ok, so holy s***, I almost missed the bus. I kid you not. Had it not been for a timely phone call from my Mom (completely premeditated), I would still be sleeping on my buddy’s couch. This isn’t really any of my doing (ok, it pretty much is, but I’m gonna try and fight my way out of this). I mean I set my alarm clock on my cellie, but apparently, that’s not really an effective use for getting me up. It’s worked before, but when I really need it, not so much.

So yesterday was the start of the “class” (I am fully aware that anytime I call this a class, there’s going to be a silent mock laughter going on…just trying to attempt to keep this legitimate, don’t mind me). Anyway, we toured the minor league park in Columbia. I mean, probably not the greatest facility in the history of the world, but still, it gets the job done. Hey, they just put in cup holders for the first three rows, so they have the right idea. Anyway, the tour guide was a hell of a nice guy, and even saw some people I know that are interning there. There’s really not a lot to explain though. I do have to say though, for whatever reason, no matter where I’m at, when I step onto a baseball diamond, something magical happens, and I feel just so amazing and groovy about the experience literally every time. I mean even for intramural softball, the feeling was there. So, I know that this is going to be something I’ll get to experience hopefully a bunch of times along the way. This trip is going to be pretty tight though.

I’m sitting up front on the bus, which I’m immediately regretting doing. See, I have the whole “airplane” mentality going on, where I’m feeling like “the closer I sit to the front, the less people I have to deal with getting on/leaving.” But I mean…it’s a bus. What was I thinking? Oh well, life’s much too short for regrets. I’m also realizing that I’m gonna be on this thing for the next two weeks. No complaints, but it’s going to take some adjusting on my part. Here’s another thing: I know it’s early, but how can people be sleeping already? I’m so juiced right now (also in part because when I woke up exceptionally late, my heart started racing pretty quick). I mean, it’s baseball! Actually, they may have the right idea considering it is dollar beer day at the game today (oh did I mention drinking is allowed?...yeah, just throwing out that little tidbit…this is what college should be!...everyone else missed the bus entirely; I mean if you want to get my attention, mention baseball and beer…works every time). Also, when you consider what kind of schedule we have going on, resting up is probably the smart move. However, I’ve never been accused of being smart, so I’m going to stay up for a little while at least.

So this is completely non-trip related, but I mean, I had to share this with you. Yesterday, I went to the State Championship soccer match for South Carolina with a couple of my friends…ok so I figured we were going to spice things up a little. I mean…that’s what we do. That’s what we’re here for. What, did people actually think we were going to be all hush-hush for this? It is soccer isn’t it? So yelling happens to be a big part of our repertoire. However, it turns out that soccer parents in South Carolina, and some fans en general are completely out of their minds. Ok, so we ended up sitting with a bunch of parents pulling for Northwestern (school about 20 minutes from USC…Northwestern Columbia?...no clue…oh, by the way, they were playing the eventual champs, Spring Valley, but that’s not even the issue). I mean I’m sure that Northwestern has a lot of upstanding individuals and good people for the most part, but they were not represented well yesterday. Anyway, so we’re yelling and being completely bi-partisan, pointing out good, and not so good, things about the action (ok, we called one kid a “chucker,” and maybe that was a little much…but all the kid did was shoot!...pass the ball!). I’m not sure what exactly brought this on, but eventually, the Northwestern parents/fans did not appreciate our comments…but they took it a little too far. Ok, this one guy tried staring me and didn’t say anything. It’s like “hey buddy, you doing ok?...You want a soda?” Yeah, staring is really going to strike fear into me. I’ve never gotten into a fight before, but he doesn’t know that, and basically, if the guy has something to say…well he should say it. Staring doesn’t really do much for me. That whole “parents taking the game too seriously” was on full display there. The kicker had to be when a woman…I’m going to go around 60 years old (I’m bad at guessing ages though) started tossing out a couple of racially insensitive remarks towards the end. I mean…ok, I know where I’m at. They still fly the confederate flag. It was the former capital of the confederacy. It’s the South…I get it. But it’s 2007! There are things that may make some people uncomfortable. I’m not one to get into confrontations (well, maybe I am…ok, how about this: I do not intend to get into confrontations…people like “stare-down guy” do), but some people could take that the complete wrong way, and then you have trouble on your hands. I guess my point is there are some things you should probably keep to yourself and maybe share in the privacy of your own home. I think this about sums it up: A kid from Northwestern, probably 15 or 16 who was sitting behind me, simply says “yeah, those guys are taking things way too far.” When high school kids comment about the behavior of adults, you have to know that I’m not exaggerating about any of this. It was a great game, but pretty much all I took from it was that I’m more mature at 22 than any of these people will probably ever be…and that’s saying something, because I fight the notion of growing up every day.

Alright, well that’s the report from the bus. I’ll keep you posted on how everything goes today. Also, I’m hoping to meet Gabe Kapler. That would be exceptionally tight. Alright, take it easy everyone. Peace.


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