Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Diary: On The Way To Richmond

Thursday, May 17

"You give me a really good feelin'...all day long."

For the first time, we will be leaving the great state of South Carolina (we’ll be back though) and heading up to the commonwealth of Virginia to check out The Diamond, which is apparently the biggest s-hole in all of minor league baseball, so I’m totally looking forward to that.

The Yankees hats are springing up more and more on the bus…this is a disease that must be stopped.

Sox got rained out last night, and will play two against the Tigers today. They were actually scheduled to be on national TV on ESPN last night, but it didn’t really affect me considering I was at the game and all. Still, why is it that the Mets and the Yankees always get the national TV games, and we get them like once or twice a month. We should be on that at least once a week. I mean, according to the numbers, we’re the second or third most popular team in the country, so shouldn’t we get that kind of respect. Also, we’re now the best team in the major leagues, so where’s the dap? I don’t know. I mean I hate to complain and all, but I don’t really get to see a lot of games, and when you’re used to watching/listening to every game from May to August…I guess I’m going through withdrawals or something. I believe the Yanks split their made-up doubleheader yesterday (didn’t catch the score of the late game…they were up pretty late in the night game, and they already dropped the afternoon game). I think it’s kind of gratifying to watch a team move nowhere in the standings, yet they had to play eighteen innings just to stay where they are.

I realize I have not mentioned the NHL for awhile, so we might as well get into that right about now. The Detroit/Anaheim series has been particularly entertaining. Every game, one team seems to come out and just want to dominate, which is true regardless of where the game is being played (I believe in Game 2, the Ducks were all over the Wings at the Joe, while in Game 3, Detroit jumped all over Giguere at Anaheim to the point that he got benched…pretty impressive considering Giguere won the Conn Smythe Award (MVP of the playoffs) previously, in a losing effort to New Jersey a few years back. Ultimately, I like the Red Wings’ experience to be too much for the Ducks to handle in the long run. Oh, another thing, no more Mighty Ducks? I’m assuming Disney sold off the Ducks much like they did with the Angels, and also, there’s the assumption that “The Mighty Ducks” is probably trademarked, meaning that the name, as well as the old logo, had to go. That’s really too bad, because their jerseys were pretty sick, and now it looks like something that was thought about for around five seconds…I don’t know what to say, I’m big on jerseys, and that one is just not doing it for me.

I think from here on in, I’m going to also be noting the accuracy of the first pitches that get thrown before each game. The guy in Greenville, who owned a local auto place, and also, was rocking a Nomar Sox jersey, was right down the middle. The guy last night (don’t know his story, sorry) kind of one-hopped it in there. So the guy from Greenville has the early clubhouse lead, but it is early, so we’ll see how that all turns out.

Jumbo Yuenglings are amazing. When you have the choice between Bud, Coors, or Yuengling, and they’re all the same price…is there really a choice?

Alright, well, the journey continues. I’ll be giving you a full report on Richmond, and then, we hit up Philly and begin a stretch of three major league parks (Citizens Bank, Shea, Camden Yards) in four days. Until then, be safe, and have a fantastic day. Peace.


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