Saturday, April 28, 2007

And So It Begins

11:32: In the magical land of Wright Culpepper's apartment. He of course rocking the Jags (Jones-Drew) and I with my Pats shwag (Bruschi as always). Apparently the Raiders have notified Russell that he's going #1...unless they swing a trade...I love the Raiders. So suspenseful. Love it.

11:34: Beer #1 (this is going to be either funny or annoying...I can't decide)

11:35: Wright's parents are coming over later. This is going to be interesting.

11:37: Antwaan Randle El: Unanimously a bad pickup for the 'Skins...product of the system

11:39: "Kiper got botox on his hair." Nice, first botox reference of the day.

11:43: Goddel can pronounce names...always a good sign. That Brett Favre mispronunciation was classic, and oddly enough, I missed that the first time around

11:45: "I'm not so sure about that" is the official phrase of the day. A running counter for that is almost mandatory, and yet I will resist.

11:47: And Jason Taylor went where?...the Zips of Akron!

11:49: None of us will buy a Gaines Adams jersey regardless of where he ends up.

11:50: "Mike Vick made his flight!"

11:51: Still, awesome that the NFL is paying tribute to VA Tech. Say what you want, but there will never be enough support to be given to the Hokies.

11:52: By the way, Bruce Smith will be starring as Marcellus Wallace in "Pulp Fiction 2." (that got a little bit of a laugh...hey I'm trying man!)

11:53: That was arguably the worst moment of silence in the history of moments of silence. Seriously, how can you expect people to be quiet after they've been drinking since 6 in the morning?

11:57: Ed Werder in Oakland? This is going to get some serious getting used to.

11:59: One minute to go!

11:59: Latest: Johnson could go to the Bucs or the Falcons. Anyway you slice it, Johnson is going #2, the question is whether or not the Lions will trade him before or after they pick...or maybe they keep him, who knows?


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