Sunday, April 29, 2007

What In The World?

"Hey, what the hell is going on out there?!"

Ok, I had a rough day yesterday. Didn't get much sleep and got up right around 11:30. I rubbed the crust from my eyes and threw on ESPN, knowing that the Draft started at 11 today...but what happened next literally took me until now to try and fathom (I still can't by the way). So ok, I know sometimes I can be wrong. Hey, that's what happens when you put your neck out there and write your opinions down. You can't always be right. I am the first to admit that I have swung and missed on a bunch of different things, but this one took the cake. All along, I said there was no way the Pats would ever go after Randy Moss (yeah, I remember italicizing that, don't worry). So when I got up this morning, still half-drunk from my escapades last night, I literally went to my bathroom and ran water on my face for five minutes, then went back and went on to see if it was true...and there it was. The words Randy Moss and New England Patriot consecutively, and I lost my mind. The actual transcript of what I was saying probably shouldn't be repeated. Basically it was all the words I can't say to my Mom (well I've probably slipped a couple times, but I didn't mean to...honestly) and other loud noises I was screaming that may have been in some kind of third-world tribal language (you get the idea...or maybe you don't...I dunno?). Guys, Randy Moss is a New England Patriot. That's right...Randy Moss...Randy Moss!!! Holy...sorry, I mean I'm really trying not to curse here, but this whole transaction only conjures up a beautiful stream of optimistic swearing the likes of which I haven't had in quite some time. Anyway, the Raiders, who were all over the freggin' place in the Draft this year, decided that the fourth rounder the Pats got from the Niners was the best deal they were going to get for Moss, who they have been trying to dump ever since Lane Kiffin (yeah, I don't know either...I think he was the O-Coordinator at Southern Cal?) decided that Moss was all done in Oakland. Moss basically gave up on the team, which has been his big "red flag" all along. What if this guy was only out for himself and not a team player...what are the Pats supposed to expect? Here's what I think: First of all, yeah, Moss is going to have his "moments," but trust me, it's not going to be a Keyshawn/Tuna kind of relationship, where you could see Johnson on the sideline screaming at Parcells to "give him the damn ball" (at least that's a rough translation of what was said). Trust me, if Moss tries any of that, he's done, and the thing is, the Pats are so loaded with receivers after this past offseason (adding to Caldwell, Gaffney, Jackson (who may or may not play), and Troy Brown, you now have Stallworth, Welker, and Kelley Washington), that Moss is pretty much dispensable. Not saying that any of the guys they currently have right now are better or even as good as Moss (they're not), but with Tommy Terrific at the helm, the receivers they already had could have definitely handled the workload (so long as Reche Caldwell does not play too much in the playoffs, I think we'll be all set on that end...)

(Playoffs? Playoffs???!)

Moss is going to add another element to this offense though, and it will be one the Pats haven't had since Irving Fryar from way back when (ok, I mean if you don't remember him, you totally get a pass...that's kind of a freak thing I know that being 22 years old...can't say I'm normal). Moss is going to demand a lot of attention, and when you consider that Stallworth will be on the other end (almost got 1,000 yards last year), Gaffney and Caldwell in the slot, with Washington or Brown playing as the Z-receiver in five-receiver shotgun sets (by the way, expect a bizarre amount of those this year...are you kidding?...with the receivers they have?...I think defenses are going to have to be in dime for the entire game, which means hello Laurence Maroney rushing for like 1,300 yards), this team is going to be oh so hard to contain. Holy crap I am losing my mind right now. This is like when the Sox were going after Helton, and I could picture the kind of lineup they would be putting out there...ok, but this is real. This isn't like some kind of fantasy lineup...this is actually going to happen. The only question left is what number Moss is going to wear (I am going to take a stab and say #89, but if Troy Brown doesn't come back, it will be close between 80 and 89...his #84 is worn by Watson, his #88 from Marshall is taken by newly acquired Kyle Brady, and his #18 from Oakland is Donte's...but I hear these things can be negotiated, and Moss has a lot of money...a lot of money). Regardless of numbers, you are now looking at the favorites to take it all down. It's not even a question. The Colts have put it in neutral, while the Pats, who were a dropped pass away from going to the Super Bowl (blink damn it!...blink!), have completely overhauled any kind of weakness they may have had from last year and have not only made up for it, but now, they have become strengths on the team (getting Meriweather adds a hard-hitting safety they were lacking in Harrison's absence, their questionable core of receivers have become the best group in the league, and the hole that never was filled after Willie McGinest left for Cleveland last year, is now being filled by a pro-bowler...goodnight nurse). I am so pumped about this upcoming season I can't even stand myself right now...and it's April! What am I going to do until August...wait, this just in, the team with the wall will be performing a dance on the American League's collective faces (and even the NL on occasion).

The Sox went to the Bronx over the weekend and took two of three from the Yanks (oh by the way, thanks for showing the loss on national TV and not the two wins...really, much appreciated...idiot!) Again, they are doing what they need to do at this moment in time, which is to dominate and get as much space in between them and New York as possible. I am fully aware that the Sox are not "meltdown-proof" (see the Boston Massacre: parts one (1978) and part two (last year)), so it's early to deem them the favorites to win the whole thing (unfortunately, Belichick doesn't coach the Sox...I mean I don't get it, just have Tito come in around August, and you'll be all set!...naw, I'm kidding most definitely, I love Francona...the guy's the man, and literally has all the job security on God's green Earth going for him right now). However, I'm loving how the Sox seem like they are in a kind of groove where it's a different guy every night (that is unless Alex Cora is out there, because he's going to do something every time he's out call me crazy, but Cora is one of the keys that will determine if they just make the playoffs or are able to make a playoff run). I'm loving the bullpen man. Are you kidding me right now? Okajima has been on fire (again, it's early for him, but he has been simply outstanding), Donnelly is doing exactly what I thought he would do, basically being the set-up guy in between Timlin's appearances, and shutting people down as well, and then, well there's the closer...don't make me gush...come on now! Anyway, the starting pitching has been overall solid thus far, with a few hiccups here and there. Dice-K is still throwing smoke, which is encouraging. He's been hit up a few times in his start, but still, I love how he is able to keep his composure, and really seems like he's embracing Boston (notably because we've embraced the crap out of him and will continue to do so). Also, hello Josh Beckett. I knew you were out there somewhere. After a season of longball theater last season, Beckett has settled in to his #2 role quite nicely right now, simply dominating everyone he has played. This guy had it all along, and I knew it, but the only thing that was keeping him from living up to his potential was whatever kind of issues he had going on in his head. His stuff is electric, and it's obvious that he has regained the confidence that he started with last year. I think that this will be an adjustment that will hold up for the long haul, because Beckett has already been around the league once, so hitters know what he's coming with ("here comes the heat") and they are still looking ridiculous right now. Wake has been fantastic, but again, for whatever reason, he can't get any runs. I have a theory on this. I think that because he is so slow to come to the plate, he is actually putting his fielders to sleep, which doesn't bode well when they are up to bat and the opposing pitcher is throwing smoke right by them. It's kind of like what happens when you have been facing a knuckleballer all game long, and then, a guy like Farnsworth or Zumaya comes in and starts throwing high 90s fastballs, the hitters have no chance. I don't know, it's just kind of curious about how Wake gets no run support whatsoever, so that's my little theory I'm throwing out there...sleep on it, maybe it will make sense. Oh, and by the way, I need to now tonight Jon Lester, I need you more than ever. Please, let the higher powers from above make sure this kid is going to be ok, and that he will be able to return to his role as the fifth starter, because I'm not sure I can handle all this Julian Tavarez face time (he pitched decently today, but giving up a three-run homer to Minky never really sits well with me). I'm so pumped about this team though. This is going to be a fun summer, and what's going to make it better? DirecTV w/ NESN and a Boston bar right down the street...

"If you try sometimes, you get what you need."

True that.

Anyway, I'm sure Fitzy is going to be losing his mind on his upcoming webcast. If you like hearing from annoying Boston guys, you'll love this guy, and if you don''ll love this guy. Anyway, I put his site up under "Links" (Townie News), so definitely check that out. I have a feeling that this is going to be like a ten minute segment. It's gonna be wicked pissah for sure (also the name of his webcast).

So, that's all for now. Finals week happens to be, well, this week, and it's really started to get to me. At the one end, college is over, meaning that I have to make the transition from college student to alcoholic...not so sure how smooth that's going to be. And then, at the same time, I've been waiting for this my entire life. My own place, with satellite TV, in warm weather, next to a Boston bar...basically everything I could have ever wanted. Now, if only I can get a job to keep the dream alive, that would definitely be nice. I'm super stoked about the future though man, and why not? Moving up to Charlotte next Monday, getting satellite put in on Tuesday, taking a mini vacation until the 14th, whereby I'll be getting on a bus and touring baseball parks for college credit...and did I mention going to Shea on a Saturday for Mets-Yankees? Even if I did, I could care less, and if it seems like I'm rubbing this in...ummm...sorry? You should have taken a Maymester class. It's pretty good. And then, if all goes well, I'll be starting my internship on the 28th, two days after I get back from everything is kind of locking into place (well...not everything...but a large majority...wish it was everything though...(sigh)). Sorry to get emotional there. Well, that does it for now. I have absolutely no idea when the next time I'll be able to write anything, because these next couple of weeks are going to be nuts. I'm definitely doing the road trip diary though, because there are going to be long stretches to go on that bus (is it weird that there will be more chicks than guys?...I was looking at the roster, and it looks to be about 60/40 female...I have no problem with that, but I would have figured it would have been a sausage fest on that bus, but that was a pleasant surprise...and it's not even what you think; I'm happy because now, the bus won't smell that bad...seriously, that's all I'm saying about that...seriously!), so that will be a nice way to pass the time. I still have absolutely no idea what I have to do for the class, and quite frankly, I want some cheese doodles! Haha, no I'm just kidding. Really, I don't care what my obligations are. I mean, if I have to write about anything sports-related...well, you can kind of get the idea from's not the most difficult thing in the world for me to do.

Ok, have a good week everyone. Good luck for those taking finals this week, and for anyone taking them eventually. Congrats to all the hopeful graduates! Class of 2007 kid! Right on! Alright, take care now. Peace.


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