Saturday, April 28, 2007

NFL Draft: Hour #2

1:02: Arizona reached for Brown, but I love the pick. I think they probably could have traded down, but this was such a need for them, and he is a top-10 talent, so I really think 'Zona made the right move.

1:03: Beer #3

1:04: This is the official tug-of-war of the Draft...the 'Skins. Trade down? Draft Okoye? Draft Landry? Right now, they have a definite potential because Miami and Minnesota have been hot for Quinn, and Washington has no other picks today!

1:08: The first Celtic discussion has officially come up. I'm going to be on the bus for the 22nd, but I will figure out some kind of communication so I can find out. One or two, it doesn't matter to me anymore. Give me one of them, I'm all about that.

1:12: Thank you LaRon Landry. The first actual "hey, I actually got drafted" moment of the Draft. Get excited! You're playing a game and getting millions of dollars to do it. I'm more excited than like all of these guys, which is ridiculous and sad I know.

1:15: I think Keyshawn has "Jaworski" syndrome, where if there is no talk about receivers, he has basically been rendered useless. Jaws can't talk unless they are talking about quarterbacks, the Eagles, or mad men who study film 24/7

1:18: Brady Quinn holds how many Notre Dame records? Oh yeah, right. Hey, when I forget that two minutes from now, I hope ESPN will remind me for the seventh time.

1:19: Totally was just reminded about Takeo Spikes going to Philly. Also, Fletcher went to the Redskins, meaning there is no way the Bills don't take Willis at #12, that is unless someone wamboozles them and moves up the board and takes him, which is a very real possibility (hint hint, we have two first round picks, and are willing to move).

1:26: I'm liking Peterson to the Vikings. I really like Chester Taylor, but I feel he's more of a "split time" back, so Peterson will take some of the load off him

1:29: Great catch: Someone slipping on a VA Tech pin on Peterson's suit, which he apparently didn't have on. It's like "well, if he's not going to wear it begin with, why make him?"

1:30: We're sitting at #8 with the Falcons, and this is one of those Arizona picks where I really don't know what the call is. I said Okoye, but the Falcons really wanted Johnson, and now that he's out of the picture, I would think they would want to trade down. Anderson may be a reach at this point (also when I have him ranked him behind Carriker as far as DEs).

1:33: So what is the deal with this? Atlanta's on the clock, and yet, all the talk is about Brady Quinn going to Miami, and how it's a "good fit" for him. Yeah, playing the Pats twice a year, real good spot.

1:38: Boomer makes the "hey, by the way, the Falcons are on the clock" reference. Good stuff.

1:39: Anderson is a good pick, especially when you consider how fast he moves for a 285 pounder. The Falcons definitely wanted Landry, and were trying to move up to get Johnson, but Anderson definitely fills a need they have.

1:42: Just realizing there was literally no outcry about Johnson going to the Lions. I mean four receivers in six years? I don't care how bad they ended up, there is no way you should be taking that many receivers that high in the Draft over that span of time.

1:46: Ok, it's kind of ridiculous how long the 'Fins are taking. I think they may be considering the kind of damage Brady Quinn is about to cause their franchise.

1:47: Fan poll just came in, Quinn is third in the voting behind Hall and Revis for who Miami should take. If Quinn doesn't go here, Trent Green is a Dolphin, and I will be happy to witness one of the potential biggest slides in Draft history...but it's not going to happen unfortunately.

1:50: OHHHHHH!!! TED GINN!!! YES!!! I love the Dolphins right now. This is one of the biggest ongoing stories in the history of the Draft. After the Bills, it's all over for Quinn. Honestly, I think Cleveland has to start thinking about trading up, and if they do, it could be considered one of the better drafts by anyone. I don't even like Brady Quinn, but if they end up with Joe Thomas and Quinn, the Browns will be in the lead for the best draft this year.

1:54: The shock waves are still setting in. Unbelievable. Trent Green is so a Dolphin. I would expect the announcement to come down anytime today.

1:57: The Wally the Green Monster commercial is still amazing.

1:59: So if Quinn didn't start slipping, would they really show this flashback of famous "waiting" moments for first-round QBs? Also, they were all quarterbacks. Notice that a guy like Okoye, who is rated higher than Quinn on most boards, is slipping just as much, yet no one really says anything about that. Totally ridiculous.

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