Saturday, April 28, 2007

NFL Draft: Hour #6

5:00: Dallas is great on Draft Day. Just so unpredictable. First, they trade out of the first round with Cleveland. Then, they trade back into it, giving up the Browns' second, and their own third, and fifth to get to #26.

5:06: So Spencer is the pick, and once again, a "hybrid" kind of guy goes to Dallas. This is the third one in the first round in recent memory (DeMarcus Ware and Marcus Spears in 2005). Spencer was a guy that a lot of people were really high on, and honestly, when I brought into account the "hype" factor, I'm kind of surprised he lasted this long.

5:08: Although I hate to say it, I have a pretty good feeling the Pats are trading out of the first round (of course, if they swing a trade like Dallas did with Cleveland, I'll be a lot happier).

5:12: With the Saints on the clock, I'm kind of leaning towards Olsen here.

5:15: However, after further analysis (i.e. listening to people on the TV...and not just Kiper), I'm liking either Olsen or Chris Houston, because the Saints really do need some help in their D-backfield.

5:18: Due to time restraints, the Pats will be the last pick I will be covering today.

5:19: Kind of a shocker at #27, as the Saints went with Meachem. I mean it makes sense when you look at it in an overall sense. They lost Joe Horn, and suddenly, there was a gaping hole across from Marques Colston. So it is a good pick, just one of those picks that you didn't really think about.

5:20: Alright, here we go...what do we got?

5:26: No, seriously, who do we's time to get my grub on. Bill, help me brother.

5:31: We traded out...cant say I didn't see it coming. Niners are drafting now. I'm out. Peace.


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