Saturday, April 28, 2007

NFL Draft: Hour #3

2:02: I mean really, the Brady Quinn talk is going to get incredibly old, and he may not go for a good long while.

2:04: Okoye is off the board. This guy is going to be a freak. Watch how much Mario Williams improves because of him. Okoye is going to be incredible. Youngest player ever drafted in the NFL.

2:06: I got Carriker going to the Niners. I think this would be a real good fit because the Niners are in desperate need for help on their line, and they have been making strides to improve the D with the signings of Nate Clements and Michael Lewis.

2:10: Is the Draft moving quicker than normal? The question was brought up, and I have no answers.

2:15: San Fran is definitely pacing themselves, so obviously they got the message that the Draft was moving too fast.

2:18: Ok, kind of a shocker, but Patrick Willis is a beast. A "lock" for sure. San Fran is a team that is going to be on the rise, especially considering what division they play in.

2:22: Does the Madden curse apply to commercials? Reggie, what are you thinking? Why even chance it? Endorse 2K sports if you're going to do video games, but Madden?

2:24: I have 5-to-1 right now that a Charlie Weis interview is upcoming (live via satellite...or from the gastro clinic as Wright pointed out)

2:26: Totally awesome that they let Bruce Smith announce the Bills' pick. What's even better is that Bruce Smith announced a non-Brady Quinn pick, meaning the free fall will continue. It's funny because Lynch was rumored to be going to the Bills awhile back, but then, the pick turned into Willis. So with Willis gone, this was a logical pick, because they have a huge hole at running back, and they haven't really gone out and done anything to fill it...that is until now.

2:30: Totally pumped that the Sox are on TV today. What really would be my motivation to go outside today? Actually, a beer run is imminent, so you never know. Maybe food too, I don't know, I don't know if I'll have time.

2:31: Daydreaming about my new place during the commercials. I may not have any furniture or money, but I'll have my TV hooked up to satellite, watching Red Sox games, then going to the Boston bar, which I'll probably walk to (that's nice!) to pour over the details. So nice, so nice.

2:35: Beer #4 (getting slower I know...there's still time, trust me...I'm pacing myself)

2:39: Love the Carriker pick. This kid is so tough, and he proved in the Combine that he's the real deal. The NFC West has done a real good job so far, with Brown, Willis, and Carriker.

2:44: J-E-T-S! Yes, the anticipation is over for Jets fans to be completely devastated. Or maybe not. Actually, I don't think they will because there is a new regime in place, and Mangini has been guided by the Belichick/Pioli tandem, so I really think they will actually start drafting wisely. I know you're disappointed, I know.

2:47: So now the question lingers: What are the Jets going to do? They have been showing coverage of D-backs. All of a sudden, I'm thinking Darrelle Revis is the best corner in the Draft, and not Leon Hall. The reason is because they are both equal in skill, but Revis adds a whole 'nother element in terms of the return game. I like Revis here, but you never can tell. I said Olsen here, and it definitely could happen, especially when you consider the Packers, who need a TE, could definitely take Olsen at #16. So trading with the Panthers, the only other team in the market for Olsen, makes sense.

2:53: Revis was definitely worth trading up for, and Carolina made an incredible deal, because now, unless the Pack take Olsen, the Panthers could wind up with Olsen at #25. Otherwise, they are still looking for a safety, so Reggie Nelson, if still available, could be a possibility.

2:57: Pittsburgh did not take long at all on the clock. I really came around on Anthony Spencer, the DE from Purdue. I saw footage of him against Notre Dame, and he looked really good. I guess knocking Brady Quinn around helps your cause.

2:58: Timmons started to drop after the Combine, but is a special talent, and it will be interesting to see how well he can transition into the 3-4, especially when you consider the Steelers are under a new coaching staff.

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