Saturday, April 28, 2007

NFL Draft: Hour #4

3:05: As we get closer and closer to the Pats drafting, I will tell you this right now: If Sidney Rice ends up on the Patriots, you will see me in a Sidney jersey as soon as his official number is announced. I don't care how broke I am, that will be mine. In life, there are three things I really need: food, booze, and Sidney Rice.

3:07: Hey, ESPN threw up another Brady Quinn stat (tied for third in the NCAA in TD passes...apparently Stanford's D isn't what it used to be). And he's in the commissioner's "private quarters?" Suzy Kolber, what is this? A loading vessel? Private quarters? "There's a vast sea mate, you can't come back from that." Sorry, random Seinfeld reference.

3:12: So apparently, the Wisconsin faithful did not dig the Justin Harrell pick all that much. I mean that was really a stretch taking Harrell that high. I think he was around a mid-second round value, considering he missed ten games last year with a biceps injury. Hey, I'm not an expert on evaluating talent, but when you have a guy like Olsen out there, and in need of a receiver, I'm not sure about taking a DT there.

3:17: So Wright is officially in the zone with the Jags on the clock. It's kind of curious that the Draft Tracker was taken off during commercials for the first time today while Jacksonville on the clock. He is just sweating because Brady Quinn is still on the board, and the crew has been talking about their QB situation. This could get ugly.

3:22: The minutes are ticking by, and Wright is getting more and more antsy. I don't know how much more he can take.

3:23: Well, relief of sorts, I guess. Sure, the Jags just traded out of their pick and are drafting at 21st, but then again, that just means he has to sit and pray that Quinn is taken off the board by then. Because it will be the same song and dance if they pick 21st.

3:25: The Jags definitely got some value by trading down, getting Denver's first, third, and sixth rounders for Jacksonville's pick at #17. The Broncos ended up with Jarvis Moss, who many had forgotten about considering Spencer's rapid climb up the board, and he was actually who I thought they would be taking there. Thankfully, they did not show Moss blocking any of the field goals against us in November. That was nice.

3:35: Leon Hall went to Cincinnati, which was definitely about right considering I had Chris Houston going there, but basically, I was just figuring Hall would be off the board by then. Again, I love Hall, and the Bengals clearly needed to help themselves in the defensive secondary, with Tory James going to your New England Patriots.

3:39: I'm going through serious Spurrier commercial withdrawals. Didn't they run click-clack last year like 50 times? Are they going to just hit me with it all at once?

3:40: The Titans are on the clock, everyone is thinking receiver here. Logically, I would think Meachem would be an easy pick here. He's a guy who has been rising up the Draft board, and was able to build himself up to "game ready" last year after sitting out the entire 2005 season.

3:47: The Titans took Griffin, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed because I thought he would be a good pick up for the Pats, who desperately need help at safety. They kind of threw a curve there, and to be honest, I'm not too thrilled.

3:49: I've just made the executive decision to cut this off after the first round, because I am wicked tired, and, I kind of want to check out the Sox game because I missed it last night.

3:56: The Giants fans are straight up wannabe Jets fans. They're trying to be annoying, but come on, the Jets fans will never be topped...ever...and it's not really a bad thing that they don't.

3:58: G-MEN! Aaron Ross is a smart pick. They needed corner help with Sam Madison basically all by himself back there. Ross will be an impact player. I thought they would get some help for their line with Staley, but this was definitely filling a need.

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