Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pre-Draft Festivities

"If I like their race, how can that be racist?"

8:02: And a happy Draft Day to everyone! I figured I would try this out and see how it went before I actually got into the real thing. Got up in Charlotte at 6:30 this morning because, frankly, on Draft Day, the only means that I actually trust to get me up is my "mental alarm," so I willed myself up and hit the road (also doesn't hurt that I was sleeping in an air conditioned room with no blanket). Anyway, this is an official disclaimer about today: I may get insanely personal, and I may say things that might be a little harsh, but when you are filling eight hours, and consuming alcohol, these things may happen. So, let the madness begin!

8:11: Want to mention that I went on my third interview with Northwestern Mutual, and from all accounts, they seem to like me (at least this is what they tell me to my face), so things are looking good on the job front. Also just got a new place and I'm moving up there on the 7th of May (1.2 miles from the Boston bar...oh that had no affection on my decision at all...yeah...). I am so psyched because I'm getting DirecTV with the sports package...oh man is that going to be amazing. Plus, I'm getting DVR, so basically I'll just become a shut-in. Kind of weird when I was signing the papers yesterday. I had this strange sensation in my stomach, like things were actually coming to this point. It's like "wow, this is no joke anymore, things are getting really serious." There's going to be the job and taxes and insurance and planning for a family. It really has taken me back some. Hopefully this feeling will die down some, but for right now, it's really a lot to take in.

8:17: Apparently, people have caught onto the Black Keys like I have. After watching them on Conan (a performance that literally blew my face off), I decided that this was "the band" for me right now (their link is listed below). It's a duo that really captures the '70s down home, funky style of rock (here's another great live performance). Anyway, after hearing "Your Touch," I heard it on the new AmEx commercial featuring Shaun White, and the new episode of "Entourage," so once again, it appears I'm about a month behind the latest thing, which also reminds me, I really have to give new music more of a chance than I do. Just because there's not as much good music out there now doesn't mean that the quality of the good stuff has gone's just a lot harder to find it than it used to be way back when.

8:27: I didn't get to catch the Red Sox game last night, which was totally bogus, but the mood from my other friends was basically "forget that" (or another F-word of the sort) in terms of going out to Matthews (about 15 minutes from my buddy's place) because, for whatever reason, the game wasn't on national TV. However, I watched the bottom line and saw the highlights, and I have to say, we really need to continue to beat the holy crap out of them right now while they're at their weakest point. On a side note, I forgot to give "mad propers" to Hideki Okajima (yeah, the other Japanese guy), who has been absolutely lights out so far in his first major league stint. Again this is going to be a "wait-and-see" process like it is with Dice-K, meaning I won't be so quick to judge him, and probably am going to hold off on his "greatness" until about June or July. But so far, I'm really liking what I'm seeing. On another note, as soon as I saw Wily Mo hit a grand slam, I immediately said "who the hell would throw him a fastball?" The answer, apparently, is Chris Ray, because he threw a pitch that literally is exactly in Wily's sweet spot (just on the outside corner) and absolutely belted it. If you want to get him out, throw curveballs! I think some of this has to do with the fact that Ray is on my fantasy team, and from what I can gather, three earned runs in 2/3 an inning...yeah, not so good.

8:38: By the way, had sushi for the first time last night...not bad. My friend happened to hold up on the whole guacamole joke in terms of wasabi, which apparently is a staple for a "make everyone laugh so hard they start crying" kind of moment. I kind of liked the sushi with a fork and knife, but apparently that's a taboo in the sushi industry (I don't know, I feel like when I eat something with a fork and knife, I can appreciate it more...I mean call me weird, but I started eating pizza like that around three years ago and haven't looked back...I'm telling you, I'm out there).

8:41: I promised a three-round mock draft, but due to time restrictions, here's what I'm going to do: After I take a bit of a cat nap, and shower, and do all those wonderful things I'm sure you want to here all about, I'm going to post the final first round prognostication, and then, throughout the day, I will be posting the rest of Day One's picks. I know this is kind of "cheating" in a way, but there's really no time for me to try and break down every team and every pick right now, so the first round (which I think will last for about six hours) will definitely be a good time to do so.

8:44: Honestly, do you remember the last time you went into Draft Day being totally clueless about who would go #1 (even last year, Mario Williams was signed the day before)? I still think Oakland would be crazy not to take Russell, and be even more crazy to take Brady Quinn, who I have said time and time again will be miserable in the pros. If the pick is Calvin Johnson, I can't really blame them in those regards, because he is simply the best player coming out this year.

8:46: As of right now, my gut feeling tells me the Pats are going linebacker, then defensive back in Round One. If I had things my way, I would go either Posluszny/Beason at 24, and Griffin/Weddle at 28. Apparently, Weddle is slipping down the board, and Eric Wright, the former Southern Cal DB who eventually ended up on UNLV because of some "off-the-field" issues, has taken over has the defensive back "on the rise." I think if Weddle is still around at, say #40, the Pats should do a similar maneuver like they did last year, and trade up and get this guy. I mean Weddle is the real deal, and he fits Bill's "do anything for the team" type of character profile.

8:49: I think Mel Kiper dumbed down the amount of hair spray he's using. Can anyone back me up on that?

8:51: Ok, well I'm wicked tired, so I'm going to go take a nap, because today is going to be a long day. This went well. I think once I start doing it more, it will come a little more naturally. I will be checking back in hopefully around 11-11:30. I'm going to be watching the Draft at my friend Wright's place (he may be referred to as "Sweater" at some point today...don't ask...ok, chest hair joke...I know, juvenile...I told you not to ask!), so it's basically on him as to when I can start up this little shindig. Take care now. Peace.


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