Saturday, April 28, 2007

NFL Draft: Hour #5

4:00: With Jacksonville on the clock, the pick should probably be Reggie Nelson. The Jags cannot keep their safeties healthy, and with the departure of Deon Grant, they literally have no safeties left.

4:03: Yeah, saw that coming.

4:04: So what is Wade Phillips going to do with Dallas' pick at #22? I mean, I could easily see what the Tuna was going to do while he was running things, but I'm not sure what Phillips' philosophy will be. Dallas is always looking to trade down, which is an interesting possibility.

4:07: Ah yes, Ed Werder chiming in, so you know that the rumors are swirling around Cowboys camp. I think the pick is going to be receiver. Again, I like Meachem, and also, Dwayne Bowe from LSU is a possibility.

4:11: I still can't see Michael Johnson throwing down on suds after a run. Also, I guess he goes to a bar that doesn't have a doorman...cut off sleeves? Who are you? Me?

4:15: So Cleveland just traded up...Brady, get the cobwebs out of your're about to get drafted.

4:16: With the 22nd pick in the 2000 Draft? Anyway, "finally," Quinn gets taken. Cleveland again has got to be feeling good. They got both the guys they were considering at #3.

4:21: Upon further review, the Browns just got hosed on that deal. Their second rounder and a first rounder next year to move up? Considering no one was really willing to draft the guy, why not wait until the very end of the first round? That just seems like an incredible amount to give up. Ok, anyway, when are the Pats picking? Seriously, sometimes, it's not the best thing to be the best, and this would be, well, the only time.

4:27: So are we going to see any other receiver go in the first round? If so, this is definitely the place.

4:29: KC is taking way, way too long considering we're up next. Oh come on!

4:31: Dwayne Bowe to KC. I like it. Again, Bowe is a solid pick, and also, the Pats are on the clock now, so who cares?

4:33: It seems no one is showing the kind of enthusiasm for this pick that I am...what's the deal with that? Again, I gotta say it's Posluszny. The guy is just a perfect fit and such a Belichick type of guy.

4:36: Getting some fresh air. The anticipation is killing me.

4:40: That was amazing. Anyway, beers #5 and #6...didn't double-fist, but I forgot I was going to be annoying and count the amount of beers. So, sorry...I guess?

4:45: Go!!! Go!!! Come on now!

4:46: Ok, Meriweather is a good player, but I mean...really? I'm kind of taken back by this, and yet, I trust them so much that, hopefully, they saw something in him that I haven't, because I think this guy is trouble, and more importantly, he's from the U. Wilfork is from the U, and he has turned into a great team player, but this guy..."I'm not so sure about that."

4:51: The pick is in, but of course, ESPN is going to commercial. I still think the Panthers are hot for Greg Olsen, and if Olsen was their guy all along, this was an absolute brilliant move.

4:55: Ok, right school, wrong guy. Not saying that Beason was not the right pick though, because he absolutely is. They needed help at linebacker because Dan Morgan has never been right, so Beason was a good pick. Now that we have Meriweather, no way can we have two Miami guys in the first round...just no way.

4:58: It's so nice out, why not spend another five hours inside?

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